Sometimes I Am Proud To Be A Demi Fan

Back in November, I posted about Demi Lovato entering rehab. She’s been out for a few months now, but at the end of last week an interview aired in which she revealed the true depths of her suffering. Although it must have been extremely difficult for her, she didn’t hold back in sharing any parts of her story. She admitted she had suffered from an eating disorder, and was also self harming. 

It was especially brave of her to admit to self harm. In today’s society, we are accepting of eating disorders, while not as ‘normal’ per se, but as well, just being acknowledged. We all know someone, or numerous someones who has suffered or is suffering from one, and there are foundations and articles and motivational speakers out there to raise awareness of them. Self harm, however, still has a massive stigma attached to it. No one really admits to it in public, lest they get shunned. We all know it’s there, but when you think of people who self harm your mind automatically goes towards weird emos or people who want to die. In society’s mind, self harm is for bizarre fringe dwellers who no one respectable would associate with, or be. We like to believe it’s a problem *normal* members of society wouldn’t dare suffer from. By telling her story, Demi is showing that you can be a superstar, absolutely gorgeous, dating a freaking Jonas Brother and still feel the urge to hurt yourself. That it’s not just an ’emo’ thing. That it’s a real problem suffered by real members of society and that it can happen to anyone, regardless of clique, hair colour, skin colour, bank balance, interests, intellect…She is helping to make everyone aware of it, talk about it, encourage people to admit to doing it. You can self harm for years, and if you cover it well enough, no one will ever know. You’re not losing weight, you’re not rushing to the bathroom after you eat. Unless someone sees your scars, everyone remains oblivious. By letting us know just what she went through, Demi is telling everyone that it’s an ok conversation to have. That you shouldn’t be afraid of the consequences of asking for help. That self harm exists and your gorgeous best friend could be hiding scars and awareness needs to be raised just as much, if not more than, it needs to be raised for eating disorders. 

Demi is working with a program called Love Is Louder which aims to spread the message that ‘love is louder than the pressure to be perfect’. The campaign let’s youth know that they always have someone there who loves and will accept them, and they never, ever have to resort to drastic measures to try and feel good about themselves. Another brilliant campaign is To Write Love On Her Arms which organises days of awareness where supporters write the word ‘Love’ on their arms to try and encourage self harmers to do that instead of cutting. The Butterfly Project, which is helped spread by Tumblr, is another great initiative to help give self harmers the motivation to quit. 

It was amazing of Demi to open up. If she even helps one girl, one person, who is hurting, then it will all be worth it. Hopefully her confessions will help to spread awareness and acceptance of self harm, and one day it can be talked about as openly as eating disorders are. It’s not something to be ashamed of, and I am just so happy, so relieved, Demi sees that. Now just for the rest of the world.

frangipani princess xoxo

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