In Which I Try To Explain My Love For Doctor Who

While I was at Dolly, I was asked to explain just why I love Doctor Who so much. I have never been asked a question that was so difficult to answer. It’s one of those questions where you just *know* the answer, but you can’t really verbalise it properly. I love it because it’s just so brilliant in every way, but that’s not really an explanation, is it? Why is it so brilliant? 

It’s Christopher saying fantastic.
It’s David saying brilliant.
It’s David finally being able to say Allons-y Allonso. 
It’s Captain Jack and his flirting with everything.
It’s Rose and the Doctor. 
It’s Jackie just being hilarious. 
It’s Donna being sarcastic and amazing.
It’s Wilf being a bamf.
It’s the Daleks just being the greatest things ever.
It’s how creepy the Weeping Angels are.
It’s The Doctor dancing.
It’s Matt and his love for fezes. 
It’s the gay innuendos.
It’s The Doctor being able to save everyone.
It’s the pain that you see David feel.
It’s what The Doctor wears.
It’s horses named Arthur. 
It’s visiting famous celebrities.
It’s K9. 
It’s the emotion it makes you feel.
It’s the laughter.
It’s the tears. (Oh the tears. Doctor Who makes me cry harder than anything I’ve ever seen before, and believe me, I cry in almost everything.)
It’s the cast.
It’s the fans. 
It’s just…everything (except Martha. Nobody likes Martha.)

If you ask anyone who knows me in real life, or knew me a few years ago in real life, they will tell you I was the biggest Doctor Who hater in the world. I used to tease Quack mercilessly for being a fan and just laugh whenever she tried to explain it’s brilliance to me. Then one day I watched an episode, and after a lot of explanation, I began to enjoy it. Then I started from Season One and haven’t looked back. Even though Mof-fat is the most aggravating person ever and I dislike him and everything he does to the show (I lie, ‘The Empty Child’, ‘The Doctor Dances’, ‘The Girl In The Fireplace’ and ‘Blink’ are pretty much my favourite episodes).

Season 6 begins at 5.45pm Sunday here in Australia (ABC, yo) and you should all watch. Actually, I’ve seen the ep and it kind of confused me a bit, so if you do watch it, have google at the ready. Then go back and watch from season one, or season five (every time The Doctor regenerates it kind of is like a new show? If you get what I mean.) so you’re up to date with all of Matt’s stuff, even though Matt is my least favourite. If you do start at season five (you will not be able to just watch from six, sorry), make sure you do go and watch seasons one through four later. Christopher and David are just…amazing. David personifies The Doctor in the most perfect way possible. You see how real his pain and emotions are…how everything he has done really does affect him. He’s so deep, while still being side splittingly hilarious. Matt, as Quack put it, is shallow in comparison. He’s all like ‘I wear a fez now, fezes are cool’, instead of actually showing the pain and depth the character should have. Also seasons one-four have the best theme song and daleks. Seriously, Mof-fat, what the hell are you doing?!

If you’re a fan, why do you love Doctor Who? 

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “In Which I Try To Explain My Love For Doctor Who

  1. i love your blog. i love your blog layout. but i really miss your old header. it was just so defining of FP. you know the big one with the cut-out letters of frangipani princess! 🙂

  2. Anon!I miss that header like crazy! The thing is, I had it saved on my old computer and then I don't even know, but I changed the header for France and somehow lost the old one D:I shall go on a hunt for it now!fp xo

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