Sometimes I Get Too Attached To Fictional Worlds

Today I was hanging out with my friend Kate and somehow our conversation moved to hating on fictional characters. This is nothing new to me, in fact Toong, Quack and I have regular conversations hating on various characters from our favourite books, movies and tv shows. Ginny Weasley is a particular favourite (uh, favourite to hate on, that is). Kate was kind of amazed at the concept, and expressed her amazement at how long we kept the conversation going, and then I expressed my amazement at how she had lived her life without these conversations. 

I love books and fictional worlds. I love the characters. I love everything to do with them. I become obsessed and even when the series is over I remain addicted to re-reading them, to talking about the characters, to discussing the events over and over again. It’s why I’m such a hardcore shipper. It’s why I adore (well written) fanfiction (hello, the characters have to be doing something in the times not written about in the actual book!). It’s like this quote from tumblr says:

“I get too emotionally attached to books and their characters. I always find myself thinking ‘I want friends like these’, or ‘I wish I could meet this person’, or better yet ‘I wish this were my life’. I find it so hard to put down a good book because I become so immersed in this fictional world that I don’t want to go back to my ordinary, boring little life.”

A very large percentage of my conversations do, in fact, relate to these fictional worlds. Not just to those I hate, but to those I love, those I wish I could be, those I wish I could visit…
Sometimes I find it hard to remember that what I’m discussing is not, in fact, reality. 

One of my all-time favourite books is Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. In it, every book is it’s own reality and certain people have the power to visit or remove things from these worlds. The characters are alive and the story is their reality. Even though Inkheart is only a story, I almost really believe this. That inside every book is a real world. That if you just had a power, like in Inkheart, you could have Draco, or Pudge, or Katniss standing in front of you. That by being around someone else with the power you could end up in Hogwarts, or Narnia, or even just our own world at a different time. These fictional worlds are so beautiful, so magical, so real that I find it hard to just leave them at being fiction. To me, they can’t just be words on a page, they just can’t.

frangipani princess xoxo 

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