Exams, And Why My Geography Teacher Won’t Talk To Me After Thursday

I have exams at school this week. As I missed the School Certificate last year due to being in France, these are my first ‘official’ school exams. You know, with a timetable and where you don’t have to be at school when you don’t have one, etc. I had English yesterday morning and it went pretty well. I think. We had to write an essay which I know I did well at, but then the other half of the exam was stupid questions about literary and visual techniques used in different excerpts and how these related to Power, Authority and the Individual. It wasn’t my idea of fun. 

My problem with exams is that I hate studying. I don’t know how to do it properly and I don’t have the attention span for it. I was fine with English because I’m good at English. I’ll be able to scrape through both my histories for the same reason, but when it comes to Biology, French and Geography I’m going to be beyond screwed. 

Geography is my last exam on Thursday afternoon and I’m yet to even look at my notes for it. This wouldn’t be so much of a problem if I hadn’t spent a terms worth of lessons and free periods not doing the work. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just me. Our class of nine are not a good combination, in the way that we’re all nerds and get distracted easily and end up discussing anything and everything except the work. Most of the time the class is just laughing at my music tastes, or me after I say something that I think is smart but really just isn’t. It makes for entertainment at the time, but then you realise you have an exam and you have a very big ‘oh crap’ moment. 
Geography is a pretty evil subject. Well, it’s not, but it is with our teacher. It’s a ‘GAT’ class and as he wants us all to get band sixes in the HSC, he teaches us all these confusing things we don’t really need to know. He’s probably never going to talk to me again after he sees my test. I think we’re having a cram sesh tomorrow afternoon though, so that will helpfully allow me to pass. 

I have my Ancient test in just over two hours and my Bio test this afternoon. After them, I’ll be halfway through. Some of my friends are finished this afternoon or tomorrow morning and get the rest of the week as holidays. That is so not fair. Wish me luck, I’ll need it!

frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “Exams, And Why My Geography Teacher Won’t Talk To Me After Thursday

  1. Good luck for ancient and bio! (I'll seeya for bio lol)Nobody likes studying, it's so evil.Keep in mind the friends who have chem last thing on Friday so no extra hols >.<

  2. Studying is the bane of my existence. What are band sixes in HSC? I'm from WA and have never heard hat term. Good luck in your exams.

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