Those Moments When You Realise Your Future Kids Will Think You Were A Super Lame Teenager

Today at lunchtime we were discussing stories our parents have told us about their youth. There were tales of parents sneaking out of boarding schools to get drunk, parents living in hippy communes, parents having sex in a phone booth on school property…it seemed as we went around the circle, the stories got crazier. I was laughing along with everyone else until an extremely depressing thought hit me. One day I’m going to have kids of my own and they’re going to want to hear stories of all the crazy things I got up to, but I have none. Rule-breaking adventures aren’t exactly my forte and anything that requires me to get out of my pyjamas on a weekend is usually too much effort for me to even consider. Harry Potter marathons are my idea of heaven and watching Buffy in bed is an afternoon well spent. You know that bit in Easy A where she spends her weekend in her bedroom singing? That’s my life. It’s not exactly the stuff thrilling tales are made of. 
Sure, I have fun times where I go on epic trips and be a giant fangirl, but that will probably just make my kids think I was really, really lame. The fact that I probably am is besides the point. 
Maybe I’ll be lucky and have really awesome kids who will think my teenage years were brilliantly spent and want to recreate them themselves. A girl can dream, can’t she? 

What stories have you heard from your parents/will you tell your kids one day? 

frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “Those Moments When You Realise Your Future Kids Will Think You Were A Super Lame Teenager

  1. Well, I went on Contiki when I was in my early 20s. Most of my crazy stories come from those 15 fun-filled days. You have plenty of time to do silly stuff – don't fret about it just yet and enjoy your teenage years without the hijinxs 🙂

  2. My parents don't have exciting stories from their teens. Apart form boring underage drinking at pubs. Daddy ad 3 21st at the albs apparently.Anything crazy Dad did was up north shearing and he was already married then. My favourite story of Mum's is when she lived in Queanbeyan and would use up her entire lunch hour driving to Canberraa for pancakes and back. Which is awesome.

  3. Hey wifey, you can always tell them about the times spent with the awesome exchangees! 😉 I have many stories to tell my kids, but my mother was definitely much more epic than me, although I lived through many of her teen years XD

  4. Wait until you go to schoolies! At schoolies, my friends and I slept on the beach, got drunk a lot, stole a friend's car, met heaps of cool people, hooked up with boys etc. etc. Just a lot of general debauchery and we have the scars, photos and memories to prove it. Just live your life how you want to — there are no rules except to do what makes you happy!

  5. Maybe a bit late, but my friend and I recently tried to get into a MA15+ movie and got turned down…but we didn't stop there. A guy we know from school's dad had just come out of the movies, so we asked him to buy our tickets for us. He did it and we got sooo close; just as we were about to walk through the door leading to the movie, the manager who turned us down saw us going through and we ended up getting escorted out by a REALLY hot guy 😥

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