Park St

By now, we all know I get obsessed with things kind of very easily, so it will come as a surprise to no one that my latest obsession is Park St. Tonight was the fourth episode of ACP’s reality show and even though to most people it wouldn’t be anything too special (and is probably why it’s ratings aren’t amazing), to mag addicts like me it’s heaven. 

My favourite part of the show is watching with my parents and excitedly exclaiming “I’ve met them!”, “I interviewed her for my blog!”, or, “I’m totally going to work right there one day”. My parents get bored after about two minutes and wander off, much to my annoyed yells of “BUT YOU’LL MISS *insert editors name here*!”

I’m heading back to Dolly in less than a month (*insert excited squeal here*) and whilst my parents repeatedly tell me that magazines are a phase I’ll grow out of and can I please just put them down for five minutes and study, watching Park St is like watching exactly what I would like my life to be like in five or ten years time. Tonight they featured an intern from Shop Til You Drop and all I could think was “I hope that’s me in three years”, and then they showed Dolly’s editorial coordinator Eddie (who I’ve emailed and seems super nice), and all I could think was “five years”. And on and on it went, showing different people with different jobs and I just sat here, mapping out a career path. Call me pathetic, but if anyone can do it, I sure as hell believe I can.

Of course, Park St also shows the stress and reality behind the gloss, but I already knew that. My first ever week of work experience was a Deadline week and if that wasn’t a wake-up call, I don’t know what would be. 

I’m going to Dolly twice this year, and maybe hopefully Girlfriend. Even though my parents have strongly encouraged me to not do any next year, I think I’m going to go back to Dolly and Girlfriend and then maybe try and Cleo and Shop Til You Drop. The funny thing is, I always think about myself as way too young for Cleo, but I’ll be eighteen next year and that’s right where their readership begins to aim. It’s weird to think I’m socially expected to start reading Cleo soon, gosh, I feel like I should still be picking up Total Girl (which, incidentally, is also somewhere I’m dying to do a week at).

So uh, getting back to original point. Park St. It’s awesome. You should watch. Only six weeks to go, 8pm Monday on Arena (or repeated numerous times throughout the week if you can’t catch it then 😀 )

This has been a georgie really, really wants to work in magazines post ’11. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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