Sometimes Geography Makes Me Realise I’m Awfully Bad At Being A Nerd

Boy 1: It’s hard to go past the National Geographic magazine, really. 
Teacher: Oh yes, it is rather brilliant
Girl 1: The Australian edition is definitely one of the best. I have a rather large collection and adore going over them from time to time.
Girl 2: I must disagree, I prefer the Economist
Boy 2: No, no, no! That’s gone so downhill in recent years!
Boy 1: Not as much as the Times!
All: *giggle*
Boy 3: Sir, you do read *insert name of bizarre magazine here*, don’t you?
Teacher: Of course. The profiles they cover each month are definite highlights of my literary intake!

I was going to analyze the inferiority I feel from being in this class, but I couldn’t write it in a way which didn’t make my classmates seem like bitches (they’re so not. They’re definitely some of my favourites at my school), or me sound like a whiny superior brat. Therefore, I decided just to leave it at this conversation and let you make of it what you will.

frangipani princess

One thought on “Sometimes Geography Makes Me Realise I’m Awfully Bad At Being A Nerd

  1. I wish I was in geo, sounds like fun times! One of the coolest assembled classes ever I reckon. United by a love of social science antics and a hate of the line system. And I actually read it with the people's names without thinking.I should start reading the Economist, due to doing economics and all….Oh and remind me to tell you a social science faculty story when I next see/chat to you!

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