Glossy Talk: Talking Teen Magazines

Thanks to all your wonderful help in completing my Magazine Survey, my post for Girl With A Satchel is now up and ready for you all to read. 

Your responses were all very interesting and allowed me to write an awesome post for Erica. You should all read it, and tell Erica what you think of the new Teen Mag Circulation Results.
Thanks again for your help, and to Erica for asking me to write it for her!

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Glossy Talk: Talking Teen Magazines

  1. Hi Georgie; thanks for sharing such a great write-up on teens' reading habits. One of my cousins is a very self-aware teenager like yourself and it's always heartening to know that there is a lot more to you all than what the mainstream media makes you out to be. Four for you Georgie coco! Four for you!-Margaret =]

  2. Georgie, first of all, love your blog!I'm 18 and I know most of my friends don't read magazines. Like you, I've always have had an instilled love for the glossies, right from the Barbie mag days through to Vogue.I think that was definitely an interesting point made about the content. Although I do love my hit of mainstream glossies, I've found Frankie at the top of my list because of the issues it deals with. Their articles are always original and quirky. I don't know if it's the same with all teenagers, but I personally would love more mags that deal with stuff that is relevant to all of our lives, rather than the generic quizzes and such that you mention.Great article though – congrats!Laura

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