What Not To Do When You Visit A Fast Food Restaurant

As you all know, I work in Fast Food. After a particularly difficult shift (brink of tears numerous times) I decided to compile a list of things not to do when you’re a customer in one of our shops:

  • When I tell you we only have Pepsi, don’t give me a look that says you’re not impressed. If you wanted Coke, go somewhere else. It’s not like they’re massively different. 
  • If we have momentarily run out of a product due to an unforeseen rush, don’t swear at me. Especially don’t say “this is f***ing fast food!”. I’m not the cook, nor am I the manager. It’s not my responsibility. Shooting the messenger will get you nowhere.
  • If you’re going through drive-thru, don’t park a mile away from the window and/or whisper. It’s going to take a lot longer for you to get your meal if I can’t hear your order.
  • If you’re ordering a lot of chicken, please don’t tell me to make sure they’re all ‘big pieces’. If I give you fifteen or twenty ‘big pieces’, the person behind you will be left with tiny wings and that’s not fair. There’s rules we have to follow, don’t complain about it. 
  • Same goes for chips. I’m not allowed to overfill your box so don’t swear or yell at me when there’s a few gaps in the box. 
  • If you have to wait less for something, don’t demand extra for free. In fact, if you’re nice about it, we’re more likely to throw something in. 
  • Don’t let your children sit on the counter. Please. People’s food has to go there and who knows where your kid has been. 
  •  The bin is next to the door. You have to walk out the door to leave. It’s really not that much of an extra effort for you to take your rubbish with you and place it in the bin as you leave. If you don’t, we have to waste time cleaning up after you when we could be using that time to serve others more quickly.
  • I have no problems with you eating food from other places in our restaurant as long as you buy something from us and put it all in the bin. It’s bad enough when I have to clean up our own packaging, let alone packaging from our competitors. 
  • When something goes wrong, please don’t tell me that “this wouldn’t happen at *insert name of various competitors*”. We all know you’re blatantly lying and you probably tell them that it wouldn’t happen if you came to us. 
  • Don’t open with “I never come here”, or try and justify why you’re eating there. The point is you’re there at that moment, I really don’t care about your back story. 
  • Don’t complain to me about the price. I have no control over it at all and you’re just wasting everyone’s time by ranting about it. Cook dinner yourself if you want to save money. 
  • Don’t constantly check your watch. I’m going as fast as I can and you’re just making me rush and feel uncomfortable and more likely to stuff up your order.
  • Basically, if you smile at me, let me take my time and thank me at the end everyone will end up having a much pleasanter experience.

Please keep all this in mind next time you hit up a fast food restaurant and the world will be a better place.

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “What Not To Do When You Visit A Fast Food Restaurant

  1. TBQH, most of your points could be rectified with simple manners and common sense. I really think that everybody should work retail/customer service and see what it's like when the shoe on the other foot. Perhaps then people would be more courteous and just plain kind. Nothing makes me rage quite like rude customers who feel they're being hard done by when a customer service person is doing their job.

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