Frangi Playlist:

A collection of things rocking my world right now:

  • ‘Oh, the things you can think’ from Seussical The Musical. I first saw Suessical when I was eleven and fell in love with it. I had always loved Dr. Seuss and musicals so when the two were combined it would have kind of been impossiblefor me to do anything but obsess over it. And obsess I did until I moved onto something more interesting and then obsession lead to forgetting, until a conversation with my friend Monika brought back all the memories. She had all the songs on her laptop, so before I left I saved them all to a USB. ‘Oh, the things you can think’ is the opening song and it’s just brilliant. With mentions of all your favourite Dr. Seuss characters, a killer tune and just general awesomeness, it would be weird if it wasn’t currently on obsessive repeat on my iTunes.
  • Seeing everyone again after six months. It’s always exciting to see someone after a separation so this week has been filled with lots of loveliness for me. From Tam who surprised me at the airport, to Quack who surprised me in Lygon St., to my school friends who didn’t recognise me and my new hair, to Toong who I’m seeing tomorrow morning, I’ve just loved every moment. 
  • Mood Rings by Relient K. Whilst I was stealing all the Seussical songs from Monika, I also stole her extensive Relient K collection. My current favourite, though I will mention another one soon, is called ‘Mood Rings’. The point of the song is that girls are too emotional and they need to wear mood rings so guys know just what is going on in their brains. Hilarious and awfully catchy.
  • Offline Geography. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m doing an offline geography course for my HSC which means I get free periods. Because this is the first week back we don’t have any homework so this week the free periods have been spent chilling on the covered in verandah my school’s English rooms with some pretty awesome people. We’ve had so much fun playing cards, listening to Tim Minchin and Monty Python and just generally talking and catching up. I know this will all change once we get work (and work will equal insane amounts) so I’m making the most of it while I can. 
  • In Love With The 80s (Pink Tux To The Prom) by Relient K. This song just makes me laugh. If we had proms in Australia I’d refuse to go with anyone who wasn’t wearing a pink tux. 
  • Magazines. I came home to the lovely surprise of my mother buying Girlfriend and Dolly for me while I was away. I’ve been having the best time reading over all the issues I missed while I was gone and catching up with all the articles, celebrity gossip and just general epicness. The highlight so far has definitely been the Darren Criss poster and article in Dolly and mention in Girlfriend. Our little Darren’s getting so big *tear*. 
  • Darren On Ellen. Speaking of Darren, he was on Ellen yesterday. Oh it was amazing. I was skyping my friend and actually squealed and cut off the conversation so I could watch. Missed it? You can watch here.
  • Hoopes I Did It Again by Relient K. Sensing a theme here? I love this one because of it’s lyrics. A highlight? Let’s start a rumor just to find out where it ends, ’cause a small town is like a small stage for teenagers and their drama.
  • Books. I also came home to a pile of books that had been sent to me by Hachette Australia and I’ve been having a good time reading (or you know, beginning to) them. Expect some reviews soon. 

What have you been loving recently?

frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “Frangi Playlist:

  1. Loving the buzz and optimism of everyone back at school. No it won't last, but it's so different at least for now! With different subjects, tonnes of newbs etc. Oh and school is infinitely better with you back πŸ™‚ Loving how my hair is quick to brush cause it's shorter. It's like wow you are so much more manageable!Loving safeway jam drop cookies an insane load!Pretty random list of things that I'm loving atm, but whatevs.Dcriss on Ellen was a really good interview! Ooh Glee is almost caught up to what I've seen on Aussie TV πŸ˜€ Oh and finally, I read your reflections on France post and the conclusion was really good! If you hadn't have gone you would have always wondered what would have happened there, but you've been and have no regrets so that's fantastic πŸ˜€

  2. I like how the music you took is being put to good use. Relient K has some amazing lyrics. Honestly. Yeterday I was showing Sanny Mood Rings and I Must Have Done Something Right. That's a GREAT one but it's not on my list. I don't think.You're lucky you escaped our school when you did! I'm now avoiding you-know-who (besides Voldermort)

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