Reflections On France Part Two

– We May Never Meet Again In This Lifetime
-G’day Mate! Throw Another Shrimp On The Barbie!
The friend’s I have made on this exchange are some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. From the moment I stepped on the bus to go to camp and met my Kiwi friends, I knew this exchange was going to be something unforgettable. I’m going to break this part down into some sub-headings bitches love sub-headings.

Camp And The Times We Got Lost Finding McDonald’s (Or Better Than Paris):
 Although I talked to a gazillion (or you know, fifty) people at camp from all over the world, my days were mainly spent with three people: Hannah, Jon and Alicia. Say hi! (l-r same order as aforementioned names)
Even though we were only together for two weeks, we had so many crazy adventures. These mainly involved getting lost finding McDonald’s (it took us two entire days and even then we had to ask a lady in a shoe shop to draw us a map) and grossing ourselves out while eating camp food (I will never, ever be able to look at Coleslaw at my work the same way again). I will always hold the hilarious memories from the two days we spent in Paris close to my heart. And let’s face it, anyone who puts up with my hysterically panic attacks on the Eiffel Tower has to be worth staying friends with. I’m going to head over to New Zealand in July to visit them and you have no idea how excited I am for that reunion. 

 School Friends;Excessive Hot Chocolate Consumption; Just One More Waffle; No Kayla, You Can’t Have More Tic-Tacs; Learning To Swear In Spanish and Pretty Much The Most Hilarious and Random Conversations You Will Ever Have:
As I mentioned in part one, I got to my school and discovered I wasn’t the only exchange student; in fact, there were three others. Cassandra, Monika and Sandra made my life bearable and ensured I spent my lunch-times and free periods either having super deep conversations, laughing hysterically or eating junk food. I’m nearly 100% sure that if I hadn’t had all my hot-chocolate dates with Sandra in the first month or two of my exchange I would have gone crazy. There were other exchange students in my town and they made sure my weekends were as fun-filled as any I ever had in Australia (well, almost). As there was so many of us and we were so loud and…English speaking, the staff at our favourite cafe were less than fond of us, but it didn’t stop us going back all the time.
In November Kayla changed to our school and that just led to a whole new set of adventures. Suddenly our every move was being filmed and I finally had someone to fangirl with.
These girls have been vital to my sanity. You don’t understand how important it was to have someone to rant to, or just to know exactly how you were feeling. Our pig-out seshes were responsible for me not starving to death, even if we all felt extremely guilty afterwards. I’ll never forget the times we couldn’t answer questions in English class, or the hours we just aimlessly wandered around Monoprix. 
They’re definitely friends for life and I can’t wait to head to the USA and Canada to visit them hopefully this and definitely next year. 
In Which The Wicked Quote Begins To Make Sense:
I have plans to visit the Sandra (West Coast American), the Canadian and the Kiwi’s (June/July!!) but I made friends from lots of other countries which there is every chance I will never see again. This includes my classmates, who I spent up to nine hours a day with for six months. Also, as my American friends are off to college and we have different summers, there is a chance I won’t see them again, or if I do it may not be for a few years. With technology staying in touch is a lot easier, I mean, we can skype whenever time difference permits, but it’s just not the same. It’s hard to explain how this feels. You spend half a year with these people one thirty-second of my life thus far and then BAM, it’s over. You’re never going to see them again. Possibly never even be in the same country as them. It sucks, really. It’s very different to how I felt before I left Australia. It was hard leaving everyone there, but I knew I’d be back in six months and then everything would go back to how it was before. This time I’m leaving friends forever. As the quote and subheading reference, the song For Good from Wicked sums up my feelings pretty well:

The people I’ve met on this exchange have changed me for good and whether I do get to see them again or not, I’ll always keep the memories they helped create in my heart.

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Reflections On France Part Two

  1. Omg, that Wicked song is so fitting! It really sucks living miles away from friends-friends are just one of the best things in life! So much better when you can actually see them everyday.You're lucky to have made so many awesome exchange friends-from your Kiwi gang to your Canadian wifey! I'm sure opportunities will present themselves for you to see them again more than you think. At least I hope so anyways!Glad you had such a great exchange experience and hope all your friends still on exchange have great times 🙂

  2. Hey! You're not coming to my side this summer!? Don't worry, I will definitely make it to Australia one day! And don't forget Brazil! 😉 Tomorrow I'm with Cassandra and Kayla, I have a feeling it's going to be another pig out sesh… 😛 WE MISS YOU!

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