Zombie Apocalypse And Why I’d Prefer To Go In The First Wave

Last night I watched ‘Zombieland’ with my friends Monika and Kayla and it got me thinking about a Zombie Apocalypse. Once I was thinking about that, it wasn’t long before my brain moved to general Apocalypse/End-Of-The-World style thoughts. I commented that, in the unlikely event of an actual Apocalypse in my lifetime, I wouldn’t want to be a survivor. Just think about it. If something happens to our world that is big enough to wipe out the vast percentage of Six Billion people, then I don’t really want to be around for the aftermath. I also  hate things like camping or even using toilets at road stops. I need running water, electricity, to be in close proximity to health care, internet and just generally the ability to be able to go to a shop and buy what I need. In a post-apocalyptic world, that would all be gone. Sure, in the movies and the books and the tv shows they make it look like it would be amazing and that the survivors are the lucky ones. Uh, no. The ones who died quickly in the beginning are the lucky ones. Chances are the ‘survivors’ will die pretty soon after anyway; food runs out, disease spreads and health care is lacking, fights break out…Even if you survive the initial danger, it’s not like you’re going to be living the happy rosy life you lead pre-apocalypse. That’s what they don’t show in pop-culture. Also, in those movies where there’s only like three survivors, they never point out the fact that they won’t be able to further the human race, do they? Even if they survived, the human race only has another, fifty years? And that’s absolute tops. It would, in all reality, be closer to ten or twenty. Would you really want to be the humans ever?

In a Zombie Apocalypse (my personal apocalypse of choice) I wouldn’t want to die though, I’d want to be turned into a zombie. Then you get the best of both worlds, you get to technically kind of survive (for a while at least) but get to be a total bad-ass member of an undead army. Totally pones running around trying to stay a human any day.

Would you prefer to happen to yourself in an Apocalypse (Zombie or Otheriwse)?

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “Zombie Apocalypse And Why I’d Prefer To Go In The First Wave

  1. In the event of an apocalypse I'm hoping that Through the use of magic and supernatural strength and epic yet convenient wroting it'll all be solved before too many people die.

  2. maybe a planet of the apes kind of scenario? that could be fun…i miss the whole apocalypse part and come back from where ever i've been to find humans are a slave like race to monkeys

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