Dear Maths, It’s Not You, It’s Me…

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned numerous times around these parts, I detest maths with a passion that I can’t even begin to describe, which is why it surprised me so much that I actually felt sad walking out of my maths class today. You see, today marked the end of a journey for me. As I walked out of that door, there was no going back to maths. Ever. I’m not at school for any more French classes and as much as my father and Quack objected and told me I was making a massive mistake, maths…didn’t quite make the cut during my senior subject selections back in Aus. 

I’m not actually bad at maths, quite the contrary really, but to me words just make so much more sense. I guess I’m one of those people who just doesn’t really see the point of working out the value of x. At all. I have a short attention span and if it takes me longer than a few seconds to work out a question I get distracted and bored and never end up finishing. Or just getting insanely frustrated and screwing up the sheet (I did this in a test once, but it’s something I’d rather not talk about hahaha). It also annoys me that there’s only ever one correct answer. This is mainly because I never seem to get that answer and in maths, you can’t talk your way around something. In English or in Geography or in History, if you have no idea what’s happening you can just throw in some big words, bulk it up with extra sentences and if all else fails, plead your reasoning to your teacher. None of this works in maths and that annoys me to the point where, well, as I mentioned I took a stand and refused to choose it for years eleven and twelve. 

My class today was a test (what a fitting way to farewell the subject :|). I have taken more maths tests than I care to remember in years gone by. Tests I totally aced, tests I completely failed, and even one which ended in me screwing up the question sheet and crying. I almost can’t get my head around the fact that this was the last one. Ever. I’m never going to have another maths class, never having to study any more pointless formulas, never having to take another maths test. It’s all over.
Now I have space to fill my head with my beloved Humanities when year eleven starts in just over a weeks time. If you’re interested, the actual subjects I’m doing for the next two years (which will hopefully help me get the 99 I so desire) are:

  • English Advanced
  • English Extension 1
  • Ancient History
  • Modern History
  • Geography
  • Biology
  • French Continuers

At the end of the year I plan on dropping Biology (unless I really love it, which I doubt, in which case I will drop whichever I’m doing worst at) at picking up English Extension 2 and History Extension.
While thirteen year old me who swore she would do Advanced Maths, Maths Extension, Physics and Chemistry would be extremely disappointed, my History/English teacher Dad and Georgraphy teacher Mum should be proud they’ve managed such an influence over me.

What subjects are you doing/did you do for your senior years? 

frangipani princess xoxo

8 thoughts on “Dear Maths, It’s Not You, It’s Me…

  1. Maths is the logic and solid ground that keeps my head from spinning off into space. It's the fact it does have an answer. One that's the same all over the world. Think of 'x' as life. If you can figure out the meaning/value of 'x' , you've got a good shot at unravelling the formula that is life. Anyways in answer to the question I'm picking up,- Advanced English- Extension 1 English- Advanced Mathematics- Chemistry- Biology- PDHPEand a compulsory – Studies of Religion Unit 1.

  2. Maths always makes sense to me. I think I'm just good with numbers. Honestly, I prefer English; I love writing and want to be a writer, but I'm just so much better at maths.The subjects I'm doing for Year 11 are:- Religious Education (Compulsory)- English (Compulsory, but I would have chosen it anyway)- Specialist Maths (Highest Level)- French- Chemistry – Psychology

  3. Subjects:Compulsory Religious EdEnglishMedia StudiesArt HistoryClassicsHistoryI'm crazy. 5 table A (english based) subjects. I will actually die.

  4. If offline geo happened to have morn classes, you'd so drop that 😛 (I think they might be in arvo though-so you're in luck)I'm doing;Advanced EnglishEng Ext 1MathematicsBiology (yeah I didn't want to take it, but it's apparently easy)ChemistryModern HistoryEconomicsI feel a smidge sad about no French, but oh wells. Like you, I'll prob pick up either or both Eng Ext 2 and History Ext and drop whatever subject I'm worst at or that makes me rage the most.

  5. 2010- english studiesmodern world historyjapanesemaths applied2011- legal studiesenglish writersenglish communicationspsychologyi regret bothering with maths now, i didn't fail but i feel it was a waste of time when i could have done something i would have scored better in

  6. I'm doing ancient history, modern history, music, compulsory english, compulsory maths (kill me!) and english extension. I love words, so I'm suppremely jealous that your school offers two english extensions! 🙂

  7. I did advanced methods from year 7-11, then I basically failed it in year 11 and dropped down to "easy" maths haha.I did:EnglishLiteratureFrenchFurther MathsVisual Communication & DesignMultimedia (2009)and I got a 92.2 with pretty much no homework all year haha. It's not as bad as everyone says it is!!Good luck with your hsc, you'll ace it I'm sure :). xoxx

  8. You are a failure. Also:MathematicsMathematics ExtensionEnglish AdvancedEnglish ExtensionPhysicsChemistryAncient HistoryGod damnit I wanted economics!!! Also, Modern History.Also, suck it. Guess who lived up to 13year old Maddison's expectations? Maddison.

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