Fangirling: An Old School Fairytale

 Once upon a time, a life was lived by one Frangipani Princess which contained limited Harry Potter, no Disney, no blogging, or tweeting, or facebooking, and shockingly even no toong. One thing still remained though, and that was fangirling. Through this distressing time, also known as the final years of Primary school, Quack was our story’s villain, Ell was the faithful sidekick and adventures were played out to a soundtrack of solid Panic! At The Disco (and some Lee Harding but those were dark, dark times that I’d rather not be mentioned). Adventures is probably actually a strong word for what our fangirls got up to, but the soundtrack was there, it was loud, and they were obsessive.
The soundtrack included, amongst many others:


There’s A Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought Of It Yet:

But It’s Better If You Do:

The fangirls would sing, they would dance, they would sing some more, and they would declare their undying love for Brendan Urie. They would become to be known in the kingdom that was their school as ‘those girls who love Panic! At The Disco’ and fellow students, teachers and parents alike would be heard telling them to please find something else to talk about. Please.

But then time passes for our fangirls. High school begins. New friends are made, enemies are forgiven. Slowly but surely P!ATD is forgotten and replaced by The Jonas Brothers and Disney, Tsweezy, the internet and Harry Potter, and then eventually Starkid, Dr Who and Merlin join the party too. The fangirls are still fangirls, but P!ATD remains a distant memory of a time almost forgotten. 

Until one day our dashing fangirl Frangipani Princess ventures to France and meets fangirl Kayla and while bored one day in the hallowed halls of French education, a shared past love of P!ATD is revealed. And then songs are sung in school halls and street corners and shops and it’s almost like FP is eleven again. She runs home and messages Ell and the magic is shared and for a moment nothing is changed, they’re still in primary school, screaming “I’M A DIVAAAA!” at each other across playgrounds/classrooms/buses/libraries. Because even though time passes and people change, fangirls never do.

And they all lived happily ever after (in a beautiful fangirl castle). 

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Fangirling: An Old School Fairytale

  1. I downloaded a bunch of Panic a few months ago. At first I hated them on priniple because Bella loved them, but then I opened up.Haha, Quack always randomly mentions Lee Harding. In fact just the other she said something about his Eye of The Tiger covr.

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