After I got into tumblr at the start of the year, I noticed a lot of people talking about being ‘nerdfighters’. It seemed like a cool thing to be but I could never be bothered to get into it because, well, at the end of the day I am extremely lazy. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was chilling with Kayla and she was catching up on some youtube channels which she subscribes to and one of them was ‘thevlogbrothers’. She started talking about how epic they were and how cool it was to be a nerdfighter and when I admitted I had never actually gotten around to discovering what one is she forced me to watch some of the videos. It was love at first view. If you’re not familiar with who the vlogbrothers are or what being a nerdfighter is you should watch the below video. 

What I love most about the vlogbrothers is that they’re so fine with being nerds and in turn help others to realise that it’s awesome to be a nerd.

“I mean, to be honest, I’ve never even really understood the war between nerds and popular people. Like, who do…who do…who do you guys got? Umm…we’ve got George W. Bush and, like, Tom Brady. Oh, okay. Well, I see your George W. Bush with Bill Clinton, and I raise you an Abraham Lincoln and a Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And, I can easily see your Tom Brady with the thinking man’s football player, Tiki Barber, and I think I can raise you, hmmm, an Isaac Newton, a William Shakespeare, a Blaise Pascal, an Albert Einstein, an Immanuel Kant, an Aristotle, a Jane Austen, a Bill Gates, a Mahatma Ghandi, a Nelson Mandela, and all four Beatles. We win!” – John Green

As I had finally got around to becoming a nerdfighter, I then decided it was about time to take my friend Hannah’s advice and begin watching Charlieissocoollike. I had told Quack, Toong and Ell to watch him a few months ago and they had fallen in love with him and it honestly just took me to hear his accent before he was promptly added to my castle list. He has a kazillion hilarious vids that you should check out, but here’s just one. He’s playing the freaking ukulele, what’s not to love?!

As I was going through some of Charlie’s vids, I discovered one called ‘The Charlie And Alex Format’, which reminded me of everyone on tumblr who was obsessed with ‘Alex Reads Twilight’. Alex is Charlie’s best friend. He’s equally British and equally epic, and Alex Reads Twilight is honestly the funniest thing I have watched in forever. 

Alex and Charlie, along with being friends with the Vlogbrothers (nerdfighterlike ftw), also belong to a band which, wait for it, only sings music relating to Dr Who (‘Trock’). Charlie actually created this music movement which is much like what Wrock is to HP fans, but for Whovians. They both also have their own separate music (Alex especially) which is really freaking awesome. As for the Vlogbrothers, John is an author (which you would know if you watched the above video) who has written such young adult novels as ‘Looking For Alaska’ and ‘An Abundance of Katherine’s’. I haven’t read any of his stuff yet because I’m in France, but I’m really looking forward to once I get home (4 weeks!!). They’re meant to be amazing and two of them have spent time on the New York Times Best Seller List. Hank writes songs and has some available to buy which are rather epic. He wrote the song which catapulted them to fame and just happens to be about a topic extremely close to my heart:

I hope you all love Hank, John, Charlie and Alex as much I do ❤

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “DFTBA

  1. Actually you told Quack and ell to watch charlie, then Quack made me watch him. The first vid I watched was Charlie reads Twilight, in the backseat of her car while Mummy and Alex (her alex) were in red rooster.Haha 'my name's bella and i'm sht in every way.' First chapter and he sums up the series.Loves itXoxo.. Toongen..

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