Some Words On Christmas Away From Home, and Happy Holidays To All

In roughly thirty (30) hours it will be Christmas. Somehow it has managed to become the 23rd of December without me realising or having the vaguest feelings of Christmastime. The reasoning behind this, of course, is that I’m in a foreign country and away from all my loved ones. I’m also somewhere that is freezing cold, instead of the usual extreme heat that marks Christmas in Australia. It’s a weird feeling, actually. I’m not sad as such, I’m just finding it hard to realise that Christmas really is the day after tomorrow as to me it honestly feels like it may as well be July.  
Usually for the week leading up to Christmas I’m on a permanent high. School has just finished for the year, it’s summer time, I have six weeks of nothing but chilling with my friends ahead of me and I get to see all my family. It’s a happy, exciting time. This year, I’m in France, in winter, school is only on hold for two weeks, they don’t know who Rudolph is and I’m spending it with people I only met on Saturday. It’s hard, I’m not going to lie, but what I just have to keep reminding myself is that this is one Christmas out of a lifetime and I’ll hopefully have a good seventy or eighty more to spend with people I love. I’m also going to be leaving France in just thirty seven (37) days, so I may as well soak up the experience while I can and just celebrate the silly season a month late once I’m back home in good ol’ Aus.
I just wanted to wish you all, dear readers, a very merry Christmas (or should I be politically correct and wish you a happy holiday?) and hope that you make Santa’s nice list and get everything you asked for (and maybe a bit more).

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. I updated my ‘as seen in’ page 🙂

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