Songs That Describe My Life

A few months ago while at a birthday party some of my friends and I decided to come up with theme songs for ourselves. Quack, predictably, had “Billionaire” because as the chorus states she wants to be a billionaire so freaking bad. Toong was dressed as Harry Potter at the time and it was the day after we watched A Very Potter Sequel for the first time so she decided hers would be “I’m Harry Freaking Potter”. I was completely stumped as to what mine could be and by the end of the night I still hadn’t thought of one.
Fast forward to now and I have narrowed it down to two options:

Superstar by Taylor Swift. The song is about a girl who wishes her celebrity crush would fall in love with her. That’s so not even close to being me *shifty eyes*.
And I knew from the first time that note played I’d be breaking all my rules to see you. And you smile that beatiful smile and all the girls in the front row scream your name. So dim that spotlight tell me things like I can’t take my eyes off of you, I’m no one special just another wide eyed girl who’s desperately in love with you. Give me a photograph to hang on my wall, superstar.

Sophomore by Darren Criss. Though technically I would have graduated year ten (‘sophomore year’) in Australia earlier this week, this song is creepily accurate to my life. The fact that it’s sung by the current love of my life (ok, I lie, I had a dream last night that Tom Felton proposed to me at my year twelve graduation. I have many loves of my life at this moment and Darren is just one) only makes it so much better.
I’ve a got a tee shirt on for you, your record’s all I listen to. I drop your name with all my friends, ain’t it insane that it’s pretend? And I’m pretty sure that one day you will meet me and you will see just how cool I am but for now I’m just a, now I’m stuck as a sophomore.
And because he’s absolute perfection, here’s a vid:

Can you think of any others?

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “Songs That Describe My Life

  1. Middle of the Hill- Josh Pyke sums up my childhood fairly well even the part about lighting fires in the gutters (but we lit our shoes on fire in the gutters with deodorant)and about the girl down the street hitting my sister on the head with a stick(except it was the boy down the street, in reality)AND about the vacant lots with rows of tiny houses there now. We were pretty much latch key kids!rose

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