’10 Obsessions

Yes, it really is that time of year again. The time for me to compile a list of all the things that have had me flailing like the complete fangirl I am this year. If you want to see how these obsessions have evolved over the years, you can check here, here and here, otherwise read on!

Harry Potter. Oh gosh, this was a big one this year. I read the entire series twice and had a seven month long movie marathon with Toong. Then, of course, a few weeks ago the seventh movie came out and there was all the anticipation and epicness that surrounded its release. I also began to obsess more over the cast of the movies this year too. How did I ever live before Tom Felton was nearly at the top of my castle list, Emma Watson was one of my ultimate girl-crushes, Helena Bonham-Carter was pretty much topping my favourite actors list and Alan Rickman was the guy old enough to be my grandpa but still kinda creepily attractive? Everything about Harry Potter is just epic. Actually, I take that back. Everything about Harry Potter minus the epilogue from hell is epic. It helps make friendships, fill awkward silences, bring people together…It truly is the greatest series on earth.

Team Starkid. It’s weird to think that there was a time in my life when “I can’t go to Pigfarts, it’s on Mars” wasn’t a regular statement in my conversations, before I knew all Draco wanted was a rocketship and Hermione Granger, when Snape and Lupin were just enemies instead of Butt Trumpets, before I knew that Harry Potter loves Zefron the most and when I had no idea that Hufflepuff’s were particularly good finders. Team Starkid came into my life quite randomly in Febuary and totally took over it. After first watching “A Very Potter Musical”, I proceeded to get all my friends hooked and then we waited with bated breath for “A Very Potter Sequel” in July. To help ease the wait we became obsessed with the stars Joe Walker, Joey Richter, Lauren Lopez, Tyler Brunsman, Jaime-Lyn Beatty, Bonnie Grueson, Joe Moses, Nick and Matt Lang, Dylan Saunders, Richard Campbell, Julia Albain, Lily Marks, Brian Rosenthall, Brian Holden, Jim Povolo, Britney Coleman and of course Darren Criss (Fangirled over some more than others but I love them all insane amonts), downloaded all the songs and began singing them constantly, watched MAMD, constantly quoted all our favourite lines… Obsessed is probably an understatement to how I am toward Starkid. The have a new show Starship coming out in February. If someone wants to buy me a plane ticket to Chicago, I’m not objecting.

Fanfiction. It started innocently enough, I was home with a broken leg and bored out of my brain and just decided to harmlessly click on a link. Once I read that first fic, there was no going back, especially after I discovered my bff eternally loved them too. Soon I was a woman obsessed, reading fics pretty much everytime I got on the computer. It started with just Harry Potter, but then soon became Merlin and the occasional Dr Who fic too. If you want recs or links to my faves feel free to ask. 
Fanfiction also helped lead to my next point…

Shipping. If you’d asked me a year ago what shipping was I likely would have looked at you blankly. I now ship hardcore. Draco and Harry were my first. After reading a few Drarry fics I became enlightened to the fact that they freaking belong together. Then I realised that Draco also fit well with Hermione. Toong then pointed Merlin out to me and helped me discover that he and Arthur were practically canon. And so it went on. I also discovered the opposite to shipping, which is hating canon couples with an intense passion. I mean, Ginny and Harry?! Seriously JK, you may as well have put him with Colin Creevey.

Disney. Nothing new here. Still as obsessed with everything Disney as I always have been, although I think my love of original disney and Disney Princesses has increased this year. They’re just so amazing.

Jonas Brothers. I am never ever going to stop loving these three boys. Ever.

Taylor Swift. I saw her in concert in February and my love for her has only increased since. I have no idea how I could ever hate her (actually, yes I do, but anyway) and am so glad I came to my senses. Her music is pretty much the soundtrack to my (and every other teen girl’s) life. Speak Now is constantly on repeat and if she neglects to add us to the end of her Speak Now world tour next year, someone may die. Also, if she comes and I don’t get to meet her…It won’t be pleasant.

Merlin. I had seen ads for Merlin for a while but never really felt the need to watch it. Then one night I got a text (or a tweet?) from toong telling me that Merlin and Arthur had just as much, if not more, chemistry than Harry and Draco and were pretty much her new favourite slash pair and the show was hilarious and I needed to start watching right that instant. So I did, and it was love. I’m even watching season one in French here to get my craving. My friend Monika totally ruined season three for me yesterday though, but I guess I’ll get over it by the time I can actually watch it. It’s just so funny and Colin (Merlin) and Bradley (Arthur) are so hot and do have intense chemistry and just everything about it makes me obsessed.

Dr Who. I always made fun of Quack for liking Dr Who. As in, laughed hysterically at her and made comments about it’s utter weirdness and stupidity. I only knew that there was something called a TARDIS in it, and then what I discovered from the song quack made up on the bus to the Melbourne show in year eight that went something like this to the tune of American Pie:
“My, my it’s that Doctor guy, he’s got lots of companions and enemies too. And all of the monsters he beats easily saying ‘exterminate, exterminate’.” Yes, she was that cool at fourteen.
Anyway, this year I came home from work one Sunday night and my dad was watching it. I sat down to eat my dinner and began to watch and found myself actually intruiged. This Doctor guy was funny! Of course, my first episode happened to be one of the Weeping Angels ones (nightmares forever, I’m telling you. Hannah and I became convinced that the angels at Notre Dame were going to kill us when we visited there at night…) and as I not only tuned in half way through a season but at a point years and years and years into a series, I had no idea what was happening. Thankfully a quick google and conversation with my sub-bff cleared most things up (River Song (is that even her name?) still confuses the hell out of me) and now I’m almost as addicted as Quack.

Tumblr. I have no idea what I did with my life before Tumblr. None at all. It makes it so easy to kill hours and hours and hours of time although one major side effect is getting weird looks after crying and/or falling off your chair from laughing too hard at it’s sheer hilarity. While I’m by no means a tumblr celebrity (120 followers. Some of them have over 5000), I still have lots of fun and love my followers to bits. I’m followed by dumbledoreisabamf (pretty much one of the biggest harry potter loving tumblr celebs out there) and totally have a mini fangirl every time he likes or reblogs something from me, or when I’m checking my followers and see his name. Dammit. Fangirl seshs within obsessions. Sometimes even I begin to worry I take things too far πŸ˜›

Twitter. Nothing new but nonetheless I’m as obsessed as ever. Damn it’s capability to make stalking creeping people so easy. I never had any hopes against it’s amazing powers…

Magazines. My love for everything glossy has only continued to grow this year. I went back to Dolly (and loved it just as much as the first time, then proceeded to book two weeks next year) and went to Girlfriend for the first time (and then booked another week for next year). I also found myself within the pages of Girlfriend, Disney Adventures and Young Hot and Famous magazine, as well as scoring myself a gig as the Teen Review on Girl With A Satchel. I have been suffering from withdrawals after being away from their amazingness for so long, but this year has been filled with such glossy goodness, I just know next year will be too.

The Hunger Games. I had seen a vast percentage of the people I follow on tumblr raving about this series, so in a moment of extreme boredom I ordered the trilogy box set from Amazon and had it sent to me. I couldn’t put it down. While Mockingjay, the final book, is an epic letdown, the first two have just the right mix of romance and action to keep you interested. Apparently a movie is in the making. I don’t know if I’m going to love it or hate it, but I do know that I really, really enjoyed the books.

One Tree Hill. I have always been an OC girl. Always. And then I broke my leg and my friend Mal decided that it would be a perfect time for me to watch her OTH dvds. I obliged as I had nothing better to do with my time and soon found myself completely and utterly obsessed. From the Peyton – Lucas – Brooke love triangle, to Hayley and Nathan’s epic high school romance, to evil psycho Dan, I was hooked. I’m still only half way through season five (and totally left Mal’s dvds at my house in Australia when I came. Whoops.) but I’ve been watching some of season seven here, and let’s say pretty much everything changes so I can’t wait to catch up and be filled in on what happens.

My Friends. Yes, I am obsessed with my friends, especially this year as I’ve had to leave most of them for so long. My friends are some of the kindest, nicest, most totally awesome people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They never, ever fail to make me laugh, put up with me (and join in!) when I’m in a total fangirl mood, lie in the dirt and sing Harry Potter songs at parites with me, cheer me up whenever I’m sad and just generally are there for me. I’m going to write a sentence or two on my friends back home now because I miss them all so much, but feel free to skip if you want.
I swear my best friend, Toong, is pretty much my twin and it’s weird to think I’ve only known her for almost four years when it feels like a lifetime. I miss our supi trips, our non-participation in pe, our singalongs over skype, our fangirling via text messages, our seven month long movie marathons… I don’t care what my parents say, the first thing I do when I get home is going to visit her.
Quack, my sub-bff, is one of the craziest girls I have ever known and never fails to make me laugh when she declares things like her absolute determination to become a knight. We hated each other for so long and it makes me sad that I wasted so much time when I could have been much happier as her friend.
Ell, the fourth marauder, is hilarious. We’ve been friends for years even though she’s in a year below me. She’s doing the same exchange as I’m on now next year, and I can’t wait to give her lots of advice.
Tam and Belle and my Melbourne friends and even though we only get to see each other a few times a year I don’t hesitate in calling them two of my absolute best friends. We met at music camp (Tam and I played the flute. This one time, at band camp…) and memories of being sent to the laundry (punishment) for singing the mysterious ticking noise will never, ever fail to make me laugh hysterically.
It’s weird to think I only met Britt at the start of this year. We’re crazily similar (and totally don’t fangirl in the back of elective history. Not at all mum, we would never do that) and she gets on amazingly well with Toong and Quack. Our trips to the movies are lots of fun and I can’t wait to get back to “IMPENDING DOOM” with her (inside joke).
My other friends from my new school are rather epic as well. When they heard I was a bit sad over here one day, a few of them organised everyone in my class to write me a little message and then they emailed it to me. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with my friendships after I came here as I hadn’t known them for very long, but they’ve proven to me just how much of a good friendship we have.
My childhood friends, Emily and Laura, are pretty cool. Laura and I had a fight earlier this year, but now we’ve made up and I couldn’t be happier. She was my best friend from ages 8-14 and we have so many crazy memories to share. Em was my first ever best friend, and even now, sixteen years later, I can still rely on her for advice or just general silliness whenever.
I bet I’ve forgotten someone really important, and if I have, I’m super sorry. Just know I still love you.

Here’s to another year of total obsessed fangirl-ness!

frangipani princess xoxo

7 thoughts on “’10 Obsessions

  1. First things, most importantly, I feel utterly flattered to be mentioned on your blog. It is hands down the best thing of today πŸ˜€ (And I had my last commerce lesson today!) Yes, I can't wait till you get back to have a reunion with your finley marauders + Melb people!HP is seriously a like decade obsession. I think you must be in love with Alan Rickman cause he has the most epic voice…Hate the ginny and harry ship…..hermione and draco are my favourite ship LOL (Due to Starkid really though)Hunger Games, the third book irked me alot, but I adored the first two.Feel special, I got a tumblr because I wanted to like all your epic glee and HP pictures! P.S. Curse all that IMPENDING DOOM! The people at ozgreen stole the phrase impending doom lolAnd wow at having four years of obsession lists!

  2. dont worry georgie lol im confusd by river song too like she seriously came out of no where!!! lol oh and me and mill plan to go and find the angels in paris again XD yes we are just that awesome.

  3. God, don't get Quack started on River. She's a moffat creation brought in during Davis' reign.Remember at my party when we were talking about fics and I started talking about my favourite and you knew exactly which one I was talking about(PS I Love You)? And Merthur is so bloody canon I saw it first time I watched the show. And Colin/Bradley are almost as canon. Just ask Katie and Angel.Miss French Teacher called me a bitch when I said I went to T-Sweezy's concert.

  4. Toong, you know me too well. I was just5 about to start another explanation until I read that.Georgie, you are unbelieveable and I love you incredible amounts. All that time makes me sad when I think of how alike we are now. Doctor Who happens to be the best show of all time. Now, there's just Buffy to go. And you had better visit me to, Biatch.

  5. Hey, I am checking this blog using the phone and this appears to be kind of odd. Thought you'd wish to know. This is a great write-up nevertheless, did not mess that up.- David

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