An Actual Look Into My Life In France

So one of my exchange friends, Kayla, changed to my school yesterday and brought with her a video camera. She began filming everything we did (mainly comprising of our free period in the foyer) and then edited it down and put it on youtube. I look like a bit of a loser in it, lots of laughing and crazy/weird comments but I guess it gives you a look into my (not very French) daily life. I’m the one with light brown hair in a pony tail and a blue jacket, Kayla has the straight hair, fringe and nose ring (and is Canadian), Monika has light brown hair (and is from Albany NY) and Sandra has dark hair pulled back (and is from Washington State) though I think we all say our names at some point.

You should all subscribe to Kayla here, as she will be filming us and uploading daily. You really should, lunch time today was filled with Harry Potter fangirling, Twilight bashing and general conversations of epic varieties. I may just link you all to it tomorrow πŸ˜›

frangipani princess xoxo

6 thoughts on “An Actual Look Into My Life In France

  1. Woah, those stairs at the start would be annoying, if I was there I'd trip once every week.OMG, that conversation was so awesome. I can't wait to see the other epic conversations. I'm jealous of Kayla's Canadian accent! HP fangirl, she's gonna be an awesome friend!

  2. wow you look so different to what id pictured you, and so much older! hope you girls can get a got foster home, btw i FRIKEN love france so much i reaaally wanna go there! :)xx

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