Saturday Silliness

I’m pretty addicted to Tumblr these days. It’s a perfect mix of humour and seriousness Harry Potter and the people on there are the kind you wish your school was filled with. Sometimes, some posts just stand out above and beyond the others and leave you sitting there laughing so hard you’re honestly crying and the expression “WHAT IS BREATHING?!” is actually a serious question. Today one of those posts popped up on my dash. Teagan from Tumbleroarrr posted what houses she thought the Australian states should be in and I reblogged with my opinion. She then posted a revised list, this time of what characters the States are. Just read:

VIC – Dumbledore. WE’RE THE BOSS.
NSW – Grindelward. We fight you because we love you.
WA – Flitwick. You’re far away from everyone.
SA – Grubblyplank. You’re a woman, but you’re also a man. And Snape made out with you. Twice.
QLD – Snape. You take over when Dumbledore dies.
Canberra – Voldemort. ‘Nuff said.
TAS – Madam Promfrey. No one knows who you are or where you came from but an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
New Zealand – Pigfarts.

Just so you know, the Grubblyplank/Snape comment is a reference to A Very Potter Sequel (but of course, you have all seen it and recognised it, didn’t you?) and if you’re from another country, Tassie is famous for it’s apples.

I’m still giggling.

frangipani princess xoxo

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