I Hate The Cold

When I walked to the bus stop this morning it was -3°C. That kind of temperature shouldn’t be allowed, especially in October. It’s still Autumn for crying out loud!

I’m not very good with cold weather. Give me a 45°C day and as long as I have an aircon and a bottle (or five) of water, I’ll get through it no worries. Give me a day that’s anywhere, I dunno, under 10°C and I start freaking out. Don’t get me wrong, I adore skiing and going to the snow, but it’s one thing for it to be -1°C when you’re on the slopes and a whole other thing for it to be 7.30am in a town and to be in the negatives.

I grew up in a coastal town. It doesn’t get cold on the coast. Then when I moved, it was to a town where it got ‘cold’. Cold for me was it being twelve or so degrees on a drive to school. If the temperature even looked like dropping into single digits I had every doona in the house on my bed, the heating turned up as high as it could go and layers upon layers of clothes. Yes, I am that pathetic.

Before I left for my exchange, I spoke to ex-exchange students who had been placed in the North of France and they had told of walking to school through meter high snow. Of frozen eyelashes. Of bulky cold weather gear. It was enough to give me nightmares, so when I got my placement in the South of the country I was overjoyed. No cold weather for me! I neglected to realise that while my town is in the South, it’s also in the mountains, which makes its temperature just slightly different to the surrounding coastal zones. As in, while they have relatively warm weather all year round (closer to an Aussie Winter) we get snow. Yay.

My Host Mum told me to pack warm clothes as it could get rather cold, so I did. Or at least, I thought I did. I’ve realised that Autumn in France is colder than the dead of Winter in Australia, so my meagre winter wardrobe of a few cardigans, one jacket and some three quarter length shirts have already been discarded useless to the ‘Summer’ pile and replaced with serious winter gear purchased here. Who knew you could buy jackets stuffed with feathers designed to keep in heat? Or that gloves were worn outside the skifields and the garden? Or that flats are about as comfortable in winter as walking barefoot through a bindi patch, and you have to buy specially designed fur lined boots that repel the cold? Also, not clothing, but who knew houses had things called ‘shutters’ that you close outside the actual door/window to keep out the cold?!The things you learn, seriously.

In Australia, I used to walk to school in Winter and the first thing out of my mouth when I saw a friend would be “IT’S SO COLD!!!” even though it would be at least 10°C (and get hotter as the day progressed) and often inside heated classrooms I’d ponder taking off my jumper. That complaining is certainly going to cease. I am never, ever taking my wonderful, warm climated Australia for granted ever again.

And to think it’s only going to get colder here and is actually going to snow (possibly in the next week or two!!) *shudder*.

(The most pathetic part of this story is I seem to be the only one who’s cold. Some girls are still wearing dresses or shorts with stockings thrown on under them. The only sign that they’ve even noticed the freaking freezingness of the temperature is that signature scarf wearing has increased, as has the number of Ugg Boots. Apparently wearing them in public isn’t a crime worthy of death here. Again, the things you learn.)

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “I Hate The Cold

  1. Wow -3 degrees! And it's going to get so much colder. Seems especially cold seeing how warm it's been here lately!Yeah an Aussie winter wardrobe just doesn't stack it in Europe.I hope you don't get too frozen!

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