Online Shoppers Anonymous

I have recently rediscovered the joy that is online shopping. It all started with tumblr. A large majority of the people I follow were raving about some books titled The Hunger Games Trilogy. Curiosity got the better of me and I knew I had to read them, but I soon remembered that I was in France and French bookshops generally don’t stock many (any) English titles. It only took a few seconds for me to decide the best course of action would be to jump on amazon. So I did and for $40AUD including shipping, the books were on their way to my house here. It was so easy, I was soon obsessed. If not with buying, definitely with browsing and imagining all the things I could buy. With most websites offering international shipping and the state of the dollar being so amazing, conditions were perfect for me to go ‘add to cart’ crazy.

My parents, sick of sending books to me in the mail, only added to my addiction by telling me to purchase an e-reader. A fun week was spent researching all the options, reading reviews and comparing models, until I finally decided on getting the Sony Touch. The thrill of hitting checkout never ceases to amaze me.

At my school, almost every girl has a ‘signature scarf’ which she wears every day. Wanting to fit in, I decided I too needed one of these scarves. Except, as I’m not your typical teenage girl, any old ‘fashion’ scarf wasn’t going to do. Oh no, I needed a Hogwarts scarf. Deciding the Warner Brothers online shop would be the best place to obtain this, I logged on and found myself breathless. It was beautiful. I needed it all. From replica wands, to character masks, to silly bandz, everything was there. I tried to stick to my original plan of getting a scarf, but I soon encountered two problems.
1. You could buy scarf and tie matching sets, which of course I needed but meant throwing my plan of just getting a scarf out the window

and, most importantly
2. I didn’t know which House to buy.
I proudly rep Slytherclaw but for some crazy reason there’s no merchandise for it (I know right? Craziness.). I didn’t want to spend fifty dollars on getting both scarves (or eighty on getting both scarf and tie sets) and anyway, I was looking for a signature scarf, one that I could become known for wearing, not two scarves. It was impossible to pick. I’m a slytherclaw because I’m equal parts Slytherin and Ravenclaw. I’m just as evil as I am brilliant. Finally, I decided to take my favourite sorting hat quiz to choose for me:

And that’s how I ended up with a Slytherin scarf and tie set being sent to me in France. All the other girls are going to be so envious of me.
The plus side, of course, to being in Slytherin is that it means easy access to Draco. Who’s ever heard of cute guys in Ravenclaw?!

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “Online Shoppers Anonymous

  1. Lol, we had a fb convo on this! and I bought the last Hunger games book last week. I haven't read it yet though. They're pretty good, I was really concerned because Stephenie Meyer endorsed them.And Quack, I am NOT explaining S&M. It's best for you to not know. Thanks alot Lee for the awful mental picture! Are there weird Draco/Crabb/Goyle fan fictions EW!Btw,I took that sorting hat quiz and got Ravenclaw (totes expected :P)

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