You Can Relate Everything To Mean Girls

Mean Girls is pretty much my favourite movie in the history of favourite movies, and the quotes from it are pretty much relevant to all aspects of life (especially when on tumblr). The one quote, however, that I never thought I would ever be able to relate to is right near the beginning of the movie when Cady, Janice and Damien are at the ‘back building’ and the following exchange takes place:

Damien – You’re taking twelfth grade calculus?
Cady – I like Math
Damien – Ew. Why?
Cady – Because it’s the same in every language.

Back home, I absolutely despise maths. Ask anyone who has ever been in a math class with me. I complain and complain and complain. I’m not bad at math, I’m actually quite good at it (at my old school I was in the top couple of kids in my year, and at my new school I was ranked seventeenth). I just find it completely and utterly…pointless. I mean, honestly, when am I ever going to need to use most of the stuff they teach us? Especially as a journalist. We’ve just done our subject selections for year eleven, and I swore I would avoid maths at all costs. I put in my choices before I went but we didn’t discover our lines until two weeks ago. I woke up to an email from my mum which started with “don’t be upset sweetie, but there’s an all maths line…”. I had a minor freakout before logging on facebook and being told by a very kind friend that they were offering geography as an offline alternative. I jumped at the chance, even though I don’t exactly like geography and I was already doing an offline course. Crisis averted.

Anyway, I came to France having heard horror stories of how impossibly hard the maths was, and was freaking out. I sat down in my first maths lesson and waited nervously until the sheets were handed out and I saw….basic percentages. I have never been so relieved in my life. And I finally understood just what Cady was talking about. My longest school day here includes seven hours of classes (as in, not seven hours at school in general, but seven hours actually in a classroom with a teacher, learning stuff), and although I take three classes in English, after a while all that French is a bit overwhelming. In maths, while the instructions are in French, the actual work is more than do-able because, well, numbers are a universal language. It’s a relief for me to see maths on my timetable, as I know I won’t just have to sit there staring blankly at the teacher as they present another hour long lecture. Sadly (seriously, am I really saying this?) I only have two hours of maths class a week, but I’ve come to think of it as an end of week treat (I have it Thursday’s and Friday’s).

The other class which I realised speaks a universal language is History. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can’t change the facts. Sure, I may be somewhere that doesn’t speak English, but that doesn’t mean the World Wars didn’t happen. I have history four out of five days a week, and it’s my other favourite class (I actually rather despise English class. It’s insanely boring and she always asks me to explain words that I’ve never even thought about before, or worse, translate things into French which ends up in awkward silences.). I’m a bit of a history nerd back home (but damn Brittany and Kate are just too good for me to be topping it :P), I’ll be doing both Ancient and Modern next year and plan on doing History Extension in year twelve. There’s just something so fascinating about History. I mean, all these crazy things actually happened. It’s even cooler when you realise a movie or book is actually based on truth (Mulan and Anastasia please stand up). Can you tell my Dad’s a History teacher yet? Anyway, I know a fair bit about what happened in our past so in History here, even though it’s all in French, once I translate a heading, I realise I know what we’re talking about and it makes translating so much easier. Except today we started learning about the Second Republic of France. Who knew there had been more than one republic here? I guess you can’t always know everything…

frangipani princess xoxo

7 thoughts on “You Can Relate Everything To Mean Girls

  1. Lol at the mention in the blog post :PWhen I was in Japan, the maths class was good cause at least I knew what it was asking me to do haha. Japanese class was awful cause I could only pick up the names and like every 50th word haha. I remember the character in the story's name being John Smith. Generic much?I love quoting Mean Girls! Best quotes ever.

  2. Math is not that hard really. If we think that subject is worst then you find it hard because your mind keep on focusing on negative aspects. I heart Mean girls, ever

  3. hey :)so when you're doing subject selection for years 11 and 12, you pick what you want to do, then everyone's choices get put into the computer and sorted into 'lines'. it's like, each line is all the different subjects that run at a certain time. like, on your timetable now, you might have history when your friend has geography when your other friend has english or something, that would be one they get sorted into six lines with the least amount of clashes, but sometimes you end up with a line that has two or three subjects you wanted to do, or none, so you have to pick another's kind of complicated. and for france, i have to maintain a C average, but that's it. cos i only chose to come for six months, i don't have to repeat (you do if you go for a year, from my school at least), and the second half of year ten is just school certificate crap anyway so i'm not missing much…xo

  4. ok… i agree totally agree about the whole part of you winging through EVERY maths class ever… 🙂 lol… hope that france is treating you well and that you are loving it there… i would say that i miss you… but i never really saw you that much anyways… but i gues it is a little different now that you are overseas… anyways… have an awesome time… 🙂 love ya… shay

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