I’m Around A Sixth Of The Way Through My Exchange

Today marks one entire month since I left Australia. In some ways, it feels like ten times that length, and in other ways it doesn’t even feel like it’s been a week. I’ve learnt a lot, experienced some amazing things and met some people who I can only describe as Totally Awesome. In honour of my one month mark, I decided to compile a list of things I have not done in that time:

  • Hugged someone. This makes me sad. I miss physical contact!
  • Eaten Tacos. This might not seem like a big deal to you, but to someone who usually eats them three times a week, it’s massive.
  • Had KFC. I used to go months and months without KFC, but then I started working there and eating it at least once a week, and now I’m having the biggest withdrawals. I want a Toasted Twister dammit!
  • Watched the Disney Channel. As the massive disney fangirl you all know I am, this is major. I mean, JONAS LA premiered! It’s the only TV I’m actually missing.
  • Yelled at someone. While I pretend to be a model daughter, I have a really short fuse and often end up screaming about tiny things while I’m at home. Mum honestly would not believe how calm and collected I’ve been since arriving here.
  • Drank a poptop. That makes me sound like I’m five years old, but I seriously go through a pack every day or two. So. Addicted.
  • Eaten properly cooked meat. I’m not even kidding when I say they barely cook their meat here. It makes me feel sick.
  • Had Vegemite toast. Vegemite sandwich, yes, but my HF doesn’t even have a toaster (I know, wtf?!) so toast is out of the question. I miss it’s yummy super buttery goodness…especially when paired with a Wendy’s banana smoothie… mmmm
  • Eaten Mersey Valley Cheese and BBQ Shapes. This is like my comfort food. I’m always eating this. Oh gosh, I’m craving it so badly right now.

It’s pathetic, but most of those relate to food. I guess the whole no snacking thing really is starting to get to me…
Needless to say, come the end of January I’ll be jumping off that plane, hugging everyone a hell of a lot, and then going straight to the supermarket (well, not straight, gotta get that Twister first!) to stock up on all my favourites. And then just pig out. Forget France making me fat (I’ve actually lost weight since arriving), years eleven and twelve are going to see me getting obese…

frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “I’m Around A Sixth Of The Way Through My Exchange

  1. NO WAY it's been a month! It doesn't seem that long!No hugs??? **HUG**Let me tell ya; Jonas LA=AWESOME! It's almost over here. ;(I applaud you; I can barely go a day w/ out my comfort foods!Haha that is funny; most of it is food! ;)Have a good week!xx,~Abby~

  2. Ugh, I want Disney Channel dammit. They're showing season 1 of jonas on saturday disney. I juts had vegemite toast. I hardly ever have it and it was so good. Jess and Miss PdH Teacher eat it without butter. Weird.

  3. ahaha! *speaks in british accent* Brilliant post!I did a post on JONAS LA on my tumblr in case you're desperate: fromjonastralia.tumblr.com (there's no real spoilers)Write a post on what you have achieved gg! Think of the positives!But seriously the whole no toast and lack of cooked meat is weird and would drive me insane. When I go to USA I will probably be the complete opposite and gain weight there! My Dad actually said to me "make sure you don't come back having put on more weight!" >_>

  4. Although I love the Jonas Brothers and JONAS, Jonas L.A. let me down a bit. It's like a completely different show. Way less funny, way more drama. I'll definitley still watch it though because it's the Jonas Brothers.

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