In Which I Reveal My Awful Habits With Food

I have always been a picky eater. While it’s normal for most toddlers to scream ‘NO!’ and throw their food, it’s something I never grew out of. Well, the throwing part I did, but nine times out of ten, when a dinner is placed in front of me I’ll shake my head and make a vegemite sandwich. My parents have long grown used to this unfortunate habit, and while they do not agree with it, they are usually kind enough to give me things I actually like for dinner, which is a long list comprising of plain chicken, Asian dishes (but nothing with pork), satay beef and noodles, salad, spag bol, lasagne, margherita pizza, sausages, tacos and fast food. If they decide to rebel and serve something like *shudder* seafood, pork or lamb, it’s straight to the cupboard for some Mi Goreng or to the sandwich toaster for a good ol’ cheese toastie (definitely holding the ham).
It’s not just dinner though, breakfast proves to be a problem as I can’t stomach eggs, bacon or cereal (the exception being Coco Pops). Luckily, Vegemite Toast is a favourite, so we just stay stocked up on bread, butter and Vegemite and all is right with the world. I’m not a fan of potato either. I honestly only forced myself to begin eating hot chips a few years ago, and still can only eat the really thin ones. Mashed Potato is enough to…urgh. Just no.
Unless we head to one of our many local Asian establishments or to Taco Bill, eating at a restaurant with me is a nightmare, as nine times out of ten I’ll look at the menu and discover I don’t like a single thing on it. Sometimes a pittying waiter will allow me to order of the kids menu (chicken nuggets will always be a favourite) but generally I’m stuck with numerous salady entrees and as much bread as I can eat. My parents must really get a headache.

The thing is, while my long suffering parents put up with my terrible habits back home, and friends know enough to instruct their families on what can and can’t be eaten when I visit, over here, no one knows anything. I wish I could tell you that being forced to try everything has opened my palate to an amazing realm of tastes and foods I never knew existed, but I’d be lying through my teeth keys. Some of the food is fine – chicken and carrot and pizza and cheese. Some others are…harder to stomach. I drew the line at tasting fish (the smell is enough to make me want to be sick), but when my host parents delightfully told me they’d made the region speciality of mashed potato and smelly cheese, I couldn’t say no. I managed two mouthfuls. Mashed potato is so much worse than I remember. Thankfully the bread they have here is amazing (although I decline the brown bread my host mum makes and stick to the lovely processed white loaf) so if the dinner (or lunch. Lunch is a three course meal here) is looking particularly in the red zone, I’ll just munch on a slice (or five) of that. Yogurt is my other safe guard – a container or two after dinner is quite filling.
My weakness, of course, is everything sweet. No one has a bigger sweet tooth than me, so all the patisseries over here are definitely going to be my downfall. Thankfully my Host Family is super healthy, but let me loose on a shopping expedition with friends and I’ll be guaranteed to have eaten at least two eclairs by the end of it. Om nom nom.

After all is said and done though, I am not alone in my sufferings as a Picky Eater. Scientists in the USA are considering renaming ‘picky eaters’ ‘selective eaters’ and classifying it as an eating disorder. Apparently we can’t help ourselves; it’s a psychological condition. What they say makes sense though – they say we all like french fries, pasta, white bread and plain pizza (all true for me), and are turned off food by sight, smell and texture (smell and texture are my two big ones. Smell is the most important factor, if something smells bad I can’t eat it. I can’t even put it near my mouth. Probably why I love all things sweet; they all smell amazing!).
Are any of you guys as fussy as me? Or did you all grow out of it in toddlerhood?

frangipani princess xoxo

11 thoughts on “In Which I Reveal My Awful Habits With Food

  1. i never thought i was a fussy eater until i stayed with a host family in japan, i thought, "i love asian food, i love sushi, i'll be fine."waking up to a salad and really sugary bread in the morning may sound nice but it is such a shock to the system! i also don't eat fish or cheese (unless its melted), and one night my host family brought out a platter of cheesewrappedinsalmon.i almost threw up upon seeing it.i ate one, to be polite, and was then told the entire platter (and i mean, HUGE platter) was for me. it was a near death experience.xxxx rosie

  2. Wow, you poor thing!I actually used to be like you, I lived on carbs and chicken nuggets but I did like potatoes(seriously, I'm amazed you don't like them!)and eating out was always a problem. I mainly just didn't eat fruit and vegies and anything healthy. Honestly I'm not sure how I survived as a child. I lived on nuggets,ketchup, ravioli and cheese(no pasta sauce), tomato soup, nuggets, fish fingers and sausages. Over the years I've fortunately managed to build up my repertoire of foods and can eat most savoury foods and all the usual stuff, asian food is not my thing though. I love indian though! om nom nomOne area I have never grown out of in terms of fussy eating is sweet food! The only sweet thing I eat really besides a bit of honey is Macca's softserves. So I don't like chocolate, lollies, licorice, marshmellows, fizzy drinks, icy poles(besides homemade ones with just fruit and juice) and most sweet cakes/slices. I'm ok with the more savoury/less sugary slices and baked goods such as scones, rock cakes, pancakes and my dad's barm brack(type of fruit loaf). I remember when I went on a holiday to France and I just ate macca's food. I don't think I'd be able to cope foodwise in France.

  3. I had the EXACT (well not quite) problem when I went on exchange to France – I don't eat steak (or any chewy 'manly' meats), not a fan of seafood (except for salmon), I don't eat peas/beans/broccoli, cooked mushrooms, not a fan of steamed vegies (but salads are one of my favourite things in the world!). so when I went there, my family made all these things and I just had to eat them out of politeness =_=. They even took me to a steak restaurant and I was like ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?. But I managed to find a pasta on the menu which turned out to be totally delicious lol.Salads in france were different to what I'm used to though – different dressings and textures so it took a bit of getting used to. but omg, ever since I went on exchange I can't eat hot chips without a tomato sauce&mayonnaise mixed sauce thing. SO good!I also can't get enough of the sweets – especially in france! we would go on shopping trips and I would down 2 or 3 pastries every time lol. plus numerous trips to the supermarket just to buy junk cause they dont snack over there and we all found that the hardest to cope with.But yeah… I think I've kinda said enough now haha.You'll be fine though! Just keep an open mind to stuff – even if you think you won't like something, still give it a go =D.

  4. I am fortunate that there are few things that will turn me off a dish. – Peas. – Raw tomato – Eggs that haven't been baked into a fritata or cake or other baked goods. – and a strange one, salad dressing.I will take a stab at everything else. My parents are cruel human beings (sort of) and when I was small there were long battles which involved not leaving the table until my meal had disappeared to their satisfaction, oh many a long night was spent arguing. But I developed a robust stomach and no there are few no go zones, I, in fact like eating cauliflower, spinach and a personal favourite black jelly beans.

  5. I am such a picky eater. I love a lot of the same stuff you do and I WILL NOT EAT-Most seafood (I will eat crumbed squid and that's it)-Potato-Winter veggies (Peas,Cauliflower,broccoli) and i HATE Steamed vegies-And I hate roast meat which is an OFFENCE in NZLove sweet stuff though and fired stuff… Dear god I'm gonna be dead by 25.Glad to know I'm not the only picky eaterxxSelina

  6. Oh I hate Mashed Potato too.. so so so much! If it's given to me, I try to eat as little as possible :/But I do love hot chips, & baked potatos with baked dinner are okay :)I go to France in 22 days, your photos on Facebook are making me excited! ;Dxox Emma

  7. I'm the potato queen. Although hot chips are not supposed to taste potato-y. Mostly fries. Clare and I were bitching on the way home the other night how our fries tasted too potato-y.I refuse to eat onion and capsicum. When we have stuffed potato, like today, Mummy has to cook separate bacon for me, without the onion.

  8. just because everyone is chatting about potatoes i thought i throw in a fun fact for you all :)i have a friend who absolutely LOVES potato. she doesnt just eat it cooked though, she loves it raw! she literally just peels off the skin then starts eating it like an apple! i tried it once and its really not as bad as i thought it was going to be lol (i'd never do it again though haha) tonnes of love, xoxox

  9. The only vegies I eat are potato, lettuce and corn.I HATE all other vegies, the worst being green beans. They are so gross. I havent tried many vegetables but the texture/smell and just the thought of eating them makes me want to throw up!Another thing I absolutely hate is tomato sauce. It is so so so gross.I loveee sweet foods. Especially things like cakes, biscuits and chocolate. YUM!I was lucky when I went on exchange to America they didnt make me eat anything I didn't like and we would always have take away food which was absolutely delicious.

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