This Is An Emo Post About Homesickness

I have done a lot of things in my life that have left me absolutely petrified, but I have never been more scared or nervous than I was yesterday morning as my plane began to land in my new French town. I mean, how can anything be scarier than going to live with people you’ve never met before and who speak another language for six months?! (ok, the scary guys from the Eiffel Tower are a close second, but still :P). My host family are exceptionally lovely and their house is amazing (three stories!) but the language is impossibly hard (they say after two months you pick up the language awesomely. I just don’t get how that will possibly happen for me. I swear I’ll go home as hopeless as I am now) and there’s a part of me that Just Wants To Go Home. I think my mac being broken isn’t helping, as all my photos and Harry Potter books and quality internet are on there and I don’t know how/where to get it fixed. As amazing as it is being in France, I miss my family and friends and English and being able to spend hours on the internet creeping Disney stars and Starkids. I miss Aussie food and being able to snack whenever. I miss vegemite toast and milo and tim tams and banana smoothies from Wendy’s. I miss my books and my magazines and fangirling with my best friend. I miss take away and the Disney Channel and movies in English and hilarious crap on Lifestyle You. It sounds entirely stupid and selfish of me to say, as most people would kill to be in my place right now, but I wish my parents had let me go to the USA. We had the head of my exchange company talk to us at camp and she told us that we’ll go through ‘stages’ while here, and at the moment we should be excited and happy and totally pumped and I just wanted to cry then and there because I had never felt that way about coming here. Oh gosh this is turning into an emo post. I guess it will be easier (harder?) once school starts and I make friends, but right now I’d give anything to wake up tomorrow in my bed in Australia and have some vegemite toast and then head to school and not even care that it’s Monday which means double maths.
I hope the constant want to cry goes away soon.
Homesickness, you really suck.

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “This Is An Emo Post About Homesickness

  1. Awwwww! Yeah, when I read the stuff about EF they were talking about all the phases and I'm sure you remember them saying 'keep busy' so just do stuff, quality internet will proabaly only make you more homesick.The whole language thing is going to be a bitch(kinda why I chose USA) but I reckon you just watch a lot of french tv and you'll be fine. Plus you'll kind of be forced to learn the language if everyone there speaks french so I'm sure you'll improve!The house sounds awesome! Take photos of it for us!

  2. I spent a year in America on exchange when I was in year 11. The first few weeks were HORRIBLE and all I wanted to do was go home. I hated it!!!Things definitely get better and soon enough you won't miss home at all. Everything at home will still be there when you get back so just hang in there and have the time of your life!! 🙂

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