That Last Post Was Terrible

Oh gosh. I just read over that last post and it sounded awful. Don’t get me wrong guys, I’m loving it here. Camp was amazing and I made heaps of friends from all over the world whilst creating hundreds of amazing memories. While the language barrier is nowhere near overcome, I am slowly getting used to the cultural side of things. The food is probably my major hurdle – breakfast is a hot beverage drunk out of a bowl, lunch is a three course hot meal and so is dinner if you’re lucky. They don’t snack between meals, but what they eat is nice. Except for the donkey salami. That’s just weird. The past two nights my family has had me watch tv with them. Last night it was French Just For Laughs and tonight it was Transformers. Just For Laughs was quite amusing even though I couldn’t understand most of it. I did pick up on a lot of gay jokes though – I guess they’re funny in any language. During the long stretches of not being able to understand anything, I amused myself by making up things they could be saying. It was quite entertaining. I only watched around an hour of Transformers, though I doubt I would have lasted much longer had it been in English. It’s such a silly movie! Plus every time I saw Shia LeBouf all I could think of was Even Stevens. Such a great show.
So yeah, please don’t think I absolutely detest it here. Sure, I’m homesick, but I’m sure this too shall pass and come January I won’t want to leave…

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “That Last Post Was Terrible

  1. You last post was totally understandable and that feeling will pass. Most people say they'd go on exchange but alot of people would struggle to follow through. However, you obviously took a croissant to the head in the part about not caring about double maths šŸ˜› Although, you'll be able to tell by the time on this post, I'm obviously at home and not in double maths which is awesome.And school here is very boring at the moment, so don't even think of it longingly. We had a history excursion where we nearly got hyperthermia lol.So keep your head high šŸ™‚

  2. i know how you feel. I stayed with a host family in Japan 2 years ago. On the first night there I all of a sudden burst into silent tears, and buried myself in twilight (the love of my life at the time), praying the family wouldn't notice my irrational display of emotion!its hard, but you'll have fun!xx rosie

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