Things I Have Learned At Camp

 Although I still have another five days of camp, I decided to compile a list of things I have learned from it thus far:

1. It’s weirdly acceptable for European teens to smoke. They just smoke cigarette after cigarette and none of the adults even blink an eye. It’s kind of gross. 

2. Even though I’m in France, the food they serve here still sucks, proving crappy camp food is not unique to Australia. While a lot of the food is delicious, the origins of some particularly interesting dishes are questionable. My personal ‘favourites’ have been this weird yogurty stuff, room temperature chocolate mousse and random fish dishes that possibly do not contain any actual seafood. Om nom nom. 

3. It doesn’t matter what country they usually reside in, teens all over the world are the same. If you ignored the language and accent differences and just looked at them all together you would swear that they all belonged to a typical Australian High School. Which brings me to my next point.

4. You don’t need to know what a bogan is to be one. Other than the nine Aussie’s at camp, not one of the eighty-odd participants had heard of a bogan (we taught a fair few of them the definition, and now one Norweigan boy uses it as a general adjective for everything, for example “this dinner is so bogan”, “that instruction was so bogan”). It doesn’t stop a fairly large percentage of them from being walking definitions of one though. From leggings as pants, to ugg boots, to badly dyed hair and cake-faces, it proves that you don’t need a title for something for it to exist. 

5. Singing in French is even harder than singing in English. On our last night before we head to Paris we have to do this talent show thing and part of it is a group song. Half is in English, half is in French, and if I didn’t think I could get any worse at singing well…I was crazily wrong. Add my tone-deafness to my inability to pronounce most of the lyrics and you have a walking disaster. 

6. Sometimes, you just need to be alone. At this camp I’ve been surrounded by people 24/7. There’s seven girls in my dorm, and then as soon as we wake up we’re mixed with the nine other girls on our floor, then the twenty boys on the floor below, then the forty girls in the other boarding house and you’re not left alone at all for the entire day. Sure people are amazingly lovely, but as my friends know, save a few of them, I get sick of people quite easily, so to be surrounded by foreign strangers for two weeks is extremely hard for me. Which is why I’m super glad my new friends were happy to go into town without me (a five km walk in the sun when I’m already burnt and have sore legs? no thank you) and leave me to have some quality time with my laptop. It feels good.

frangipani princess xoxo

7 thoughts on “Things I Have Learned At Camp

  1. gah, I get what you mean about being sick of people. I mean I seriously do not understand people who are all overexcited and enthusiastic all the time and all sociable to everyone. It's just tiring thinking about it!

  2. the camp sounds JUST like my boarding school!maybe except for the smoking, because I can't imagine that going down quite so well here, good luck with it all, rosie xx

  3. the smoking thing is ridiculous. i just came back from a 3 week france trip and you actually see 10 year olds smoking on the side of the road. it is revolting. Aside from the smoking France is beautiful! I am so jealous!hope you have a great time! :)xx

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