Update From Camp 2

So my laptop decided to be really nice today and actually connect to the internet, so I decided to be nice and write a blog post. It’s Saturday today, which means it’s been a week since I left Australia. Wow. I can’t believe I’ve been in this amazing country for seven days, which is a crazy thought. My language skills have…improved slightly, but they’re still well, less than amazing. In another weeks time I go to my host family, so I’m praying I’ll actually start being able to speak French soon. 
We had a mini-Olympics today, and in true me-fashion, my team came dead last. It’s not our fault though, the people from like Norway and stuff are bizarrely amazing at sports. It’s crazy. 
It’s finally started to get warm here (most of us got sunburnt today) after five days of freezing cold and rain, which is making me happy. It is summer, after all. 
My favourite things to do here so far are go into the village and drink Orangina and cruise around supermarkets, chill in the shade and go squirrel hunting and make fun of the kiwi accents. The way they say ‘six’ and ‘ten’ are hilarious. It never fails to make me giggle. I’m a really mature person. 
The food at camp is…rather disgusting. I’m going to be so fat soon, as all I eat most of the time is cheese, bread and butter. I did like the sugar flavoured yogurt until certain friends decided it would be fun to tell me it looked like baby vomit halfway through eating. The food in town is amazing though. Orangina and nutella and eclairs are my favourite so far. Om nom nom. Randomly fun fact: bottled water is super cheap here, like the equivalent for seventy-five Aussie cents a bottle. 
I have located Harry Potter in French and bought the first one (I plan to buy all of them during my exchange), and awfully, also located French Twilight. I didn’t buy it, but it’s hilariously called ‘Fascination’ over here. It made me giggle. 
If you’re my friend on facebook you can see my photos (I’ve uploaded three hundred and taken about double that so far), and if you’re not, you should add me and see what I’ve been up too. There are many thrilling photos documenting such things as the mini-olympics, our trips to find mcdonalds and our crazy (literally, they’re on something I swear) camp leaders. Much fun for all.
I’ll update again when I can, but right now, dinner calls.I hope it’s edible…

frangipani princess xoxo

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