Abu Dhabi

So I’m in Abu Dhabi. It’s freaking hot. I got on the plane in Melbourne, and Melbourne is a cold place. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, a cardi and a thick jacket and still wasn’t warm. I get off the plane here and I’m ready to collapse from heat exhaustion. It’s like thirty five degrees and it’s not even seven am! 
My flight was good. It was kind of long, thirteen and a half hours, but it wasn’t full so I got a few seats to myself. The food was ok, but there was a lot of it which was good. I watched a few movies – Kick Ass was crap, The Back Up Plan was cheesy but good and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory was as creepy as ever. I filled the rest of my time sleeping (not an easy or comfortable thing to do on a plane, but I managed around six hours) and watching the Big Bang Theory. Such a good show. 
I’m starting to feel really tired now, and it’s not helping that my macbook clock is telling me it’s a quarter to one in the afternoon when it’s really a quarter to seven in the morning. 
My next flight is in like, two hours, but we board in around an hour. I’m so ready to just get to Paris. Nine and a Half hours and I should be there, thankfully. There’s a few more movies I want to watch on the plane, ‘cos I don’t want to sleep as it will screw up my inner-clock even more. Who knew travel was such hard work?

Anyway, thought I’d give you an update while I had some time to spare. Thank you all for your lovely comments, I promise further updates won’t be this boring πŸ˜›

frangipani princess xoxo

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