Fangirl Friday – Taylor Swift Edition

I meant to post this the other day as a ‘Taylor Tuesday’ but got totally sidetracked. I was trying to think what I could fangirl over this week, when an ad came on tv reminding me today is Friday the Thirteenth. Taylor’s favourite number is thirteen. It was perfect.

So a lot of exciting things have been happening in the Taylor Swiftdom lately. 

Firstly, she released her new single, Mine. Oh. My. Gosh. It was love at first listen (and the hundreds of listens after). It’s a typical Taylor cliche song – a cutesy love story that every teen listener dreams could happen to them – but it’s perfect. 

Then, one of the people I follow on twitter linked to this video:

It’s a freaking studio version of Permanent Marker, only one of my favourite unreleased Taylor Songs (the title of favourite goes to I’d Lie). I am seriously hoping it’s on the album, although, I must say I prefer the live version I have. I know that’s crazy, but she sings it with so much more passion and makes it a lot more intense(ly hilarious) live. 

Of course, one of the most exciting announcements regarding her new album (Speak Now, available in October) is that Sparks Fly will finally have a place. Again, it’s one of my favourite unreleased Taylor songs, and it’s just so much darn fun to sing a long to.

Just for fun, my favourite Taylor song (and close contender for favourite song ever) and favourite video clip, You Belong With Me:

You can’t not sing along once this starts playing. And Lucas Till is just so damn dreamy. 

It wouldn’t be a Tsweezy fangirl sesh if I didn’t include Thug Story:

Finally, an oldie but a goodie, Love Story:

Damn it, I want to live in a castle and wear a pretty dress and have a prince who will come for me no matter what. Oh, and the running dramatically down the stairs thing? So going to do that one day. 

Oh, and what the hell, I’ll post one more. This is one of my favourite ever covers of Love Story:

It’s performed by Forever The Sickest Kids (LOVE them) and it’s just a rad take which I first heard at a time when the original was so overplayed, it was driving me batty. 

I could go on posting about Taylor for hours, which is quite hilarious seeing as until about a year ago I hated her with a religious conviction and would refer to her as ‘the evil squinty eyed bitch’. I even wrote a play for english where she was an evil cow who got pregnant to her best friends boyfriend and then caused said best friend to overdose on drugs and die. Woo. I was really that cool.

Tswizzle is definitely one of the celebrities I’d do anything to meet…

frangipani princess xoxo

ps. I don’t know what’s up with the size of the videos, and I’m too unco to work out how to fix it :S

4 thoughts on “Fangirl Friday – Taylor Swift Edition

  1. Fangirl friday= WIN!!!I love the pure expression of fangirl joy that is expressed on friday. And a friday the 13th. Miss Swift would be proud!You have put me in a fangirl mood :)(what am I saying, i'm always in a fangirl mood)xxSelina

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