Four Days Til France

Friend 1: What’s everyone up to this weekend?
Friend 2: I dunno. It’s only just finished being the weekend, I can’t think that far in advance
Friend 3: Probably go to a party or something, but not really sure yet
Me: Yeah, I’m not sure either. *thinks*. Actually, I’m going to Paris. 

As soon as I said that it hit me for the second time that I was going to France this weekend. Thankfully, unlike the first time it hit me, I didn’t end up sobbing on my bathroom floor. I did, however, get really excited. Then when I got home, my flight itinerary had arrived (sadly, I’m flying by myself and via Abu Dhabi) and I had an email explaining what my two week camp would be like (I am SO pumped for the two day visit to Paris) and it made me feel like dancing around while singing “I’m going to Franceeee! I’m gong to Franceeee!” 
Of course, as my departure is now four days away and my packing has so far involved dumping the contents of my wardrobe onto my lounge room floor, my life is starting to get rather hectic. I’m trying to fight an epic cold at the moment as well, so I’m staying home today to get last minute assignments finished so I can concentrate on getting better and spending time with my family (and you know, actually packing).
My blogging may suffer in the next few weeks (I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post at all while I’m at camp), and I do apologise, but once I get settled in to my new family and life I’m sure I’ll have lots of lovely stories to share with you. 
Speaking of French Blogging, you may recall that a few weeks ago I asked for submissions for a new header. I’m hopeless at deciding, so I thought I’d post them here and let you help pick. Basically, leave a comment with your favourite and the one with the most votes will be my header (unless, you know, I change my mind and pick a different one).

When you comment, the top one is ‘one’, and so on. They’re in no particular order either, just how the computer put them out. If you submitted one and it’s not here, just resend it and I’ll add it to the list!
Happy Voting!

frangipani princess xoxo

15 thoughts on “Four Days Til France

  1. OH and I just remembered I had this really weird dream last night and it was really long winded but somehow it got to Mollie and I at a JoBro concert (yeww) and for some unknow reason they were throwing bals from the stage and because neither Mollie or me can catch we were missing them… So we walked off to get our chairs (there was like NO ONE there and plastic chairs etc weiiirrd) so we could sit right in front of the stage and as we turned around Kevin says something to us about our catching skills (cant remember what…) and I said to Mollie "OMG wait till I tell Georgie about that!"HAHA so there you go I dream about you… In a totally non-creepy way of course 😀

  2. I like the first one :)I kind of know what you mean.. except for the fact that I'm going to France next month.. not this weekend. And you're going for longer than I am.It's still pretty weird to comprehend.. the "I'm going to France" fact. Haha.I hope you have a tonne of fun 😀 xoxo Emma

  3. number one is really cute!i just came back from a trip to europe including Paris, and it's so beautiful!the time went so quickly, but i wish i could go back straight away!you'll have an amazing time! xx

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