Fangirl Friday – Emma Watson Edition

I love Emma Watson. I lovelovelove her. She’s gorgeous and clever and an amazing role model, but unlike some others (*cough* kstew *cough*) she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves.

This morning I logged on facebook, and she had posted the following message:

Dear all. Cut my hair off a few days ago… Feels incredible. I love it. I’ve wanted to do this for years and years; it’s the most liberating thing ever. Hope you like. Big love from Emma x

And this picture:

 At first I was like “Wooaaahhhh, that’s different”, but then I looked again and realised it looks good on her. And then I re-read what she had written, and realises it makes a whole lot of sense. I mean, she’s been Hermione for the last ten years and has had to keep her hair long, so what better way to signify a new start in life than to cut it all off?
Here are some random pics of old Emma hair + new Emma hair.

I like it. I did prefer her long hair, but it doesn’t mean that she still doesn’t look awesome with the pixie cut. I know people on tumblr aren’t really going crazy over it, so tell me dear readers, what are your thoughts? 

 frangipani princess xoxo

9 thoughts on “Fangirl Friday – Emma Watson Edition

  1. i really love it. she kind of looks like a whole new person. It suits her, she can pull it off. that picture of her as a kid is the cutest thing ever. I forget how young they were when the HP movies first started, she's tiny! I guess she's more or less had the same hairstyle her whole life! (or at least since starting Harry Potter).

  2. It gives her a really chic gorgeous rebel look… It really shouts out 'I'm not who you think I am!'They should do an article about something like that for Dolly or Girlfriend or something- featuring Emma Watson and her awesome new hair style!!:D

  3. I really like it on her. Its very different than what most stars her age are doing, even the ones going for the short hair. Its very chic and posh :)Yeah, kstew gets too much publicity.

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