A Day In The Life Of Me

Unknown Time – Wake up. Groggily reach for phone to check time. 8am. Freak out because I have to leave for school in twenty-five minutes. Sit up. Realise headache from last night hasn’t gone. Realise I didn’t get around to studying for the two tests I had today. Go back to sleep.

8.30 – Wake up for real. Tell mother I’m staying home. She agrees as long as I catch up on homework.

8.45 – Headache is really starting to get annoying. Pop some panadol while watching the end of Sunrise.

9.00 – Start writing history assignment.

9.10 – Get distracted and end up on tumblr.

10.00 – Eat some vegemite toast. Write more assignment. Listen to entire starkid playlist.

11.00 – End up on fanfiction.net. Read some crappy fanfics. Want to find one where Snape is Harry’s biological father. Can’t find one. Get disappointed.

11.20 – Forty minute Starkid interview comes on my itunes. Stop everything to listen with full attention.

12.00 – Freak out because mum is coming home soon and I promised I would be half done with the assignment. Read over the 500 words I’d written. Realise I’m not even one sixth of the way through. Sigh. Decide it’s a hopeless task. Go on tumblr.

12.30 – Mum comes home. I eat a pie. 

12.45 – ‘Do homework’. Really, I continue my fanfic hunt.

1.00 – Decide that I really should study for the tests I will have to do eventually. Try and memorise the periodic table. Have mild success. Get bored. End up reading blogs. Mum tells me she also bought home a donut. Eat donut.

1.35 – Realise Wife Swap is on. Stop pretending to work to laugh at the crazies. Laughing at the crazies helps make me feel better about myself.

2.35 – Finish the vaguely interesting fanfic I had started earlier. Write a few more paragraphs on my assignment. 

2.50 – Read some emails. Ponder what fashionable clothes I own. Decide to blog.

3.00 – Realise I have wasted a perfectly good day at home. Remember I always waste days at home. Realise I generally waste my life. Go on tumblr. Realise I don’t care that I’m wasting my life, because pop-culture is funny. 

3.08 – Remember I have to be at work at five. Sigh. Ponder the fact that to top of a crap day, I’ll likely be on burgers. Realise it’s only a three and a half hour shift. Am relieved. Remember five hour shift tomorrow night. Sigh. Realise I’ll probably be on burgers for that shift. Life is just hard work.

3.09 – Work out I have nothing else to write about. Click publish.

There you have it. I bet you’ve always wondered exactly what I get up to in my day to day life, and isn’t it just thrilling?

frangipani princess xoxo

6 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of Me

  1. Maybe, you should write a fanfic in which Snape is Harry's biological father? If you couldn't find one, chances are it will be the first of its kind so that would be a plus 🙂

  2. Wow, '3.00' sounds EXACTLY like me. Every afternoon I'm like 'I should get off the computer and get a life… I'll just look at one more blog/website/tumblr…'Needless to say, I still have no life.Nat xPS – I emailed you a while back with a header design, did you get it?

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