Fangirl Friday – Disney Edition

If you’re a new reader of FP, I have something shocking to let you know:
I’m quite possibly one of the biggest Disney fangirls in Australia. 
I know, I know, I should have let you know sooner. Dropped in more JB and other Disney Stars amongst my recent Harry Potter, Team Starkid and general whiny posts. Obsessed over the new season of JONAS (which, honestly, I am yet to watch. I’ve been so busy and it eats up so much internet). Teenied out over Cambio. But I haven’t. To make up for this depressing fact, I’ve decided to devote this edition of Fangirl Friday to all things Disney + Music. 

Mulan is quite possibly my favourite Disney cartoon movie. The music in it is amazing, and Darren Criss does an epic cover of my favourite song from it. The storyline is also super cute; who doesn’t love dragons and cross-dressers?

I’ll Make A Man Out Of You is one damn catchy song. Oh, and did you know Mulan was an actual person? The things you learn in elective history…

The Lion King:
The original tear-jerking but super adorable disney flick. I haven’t seen it in years, but it never fails to make me sob and laugh hysterically (at different times, of course). When I was younger, my favourite karaoke song (yes, I was cool enough to have Disney karaoke) was I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, so here it is:

Simbaa is my legit. animal crush. 

I was at a party last week and we were playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ (with straight cordail, of course, we’re good girls). Someone said ‘never have I ever been in love with a cartoon character’ and I had to drink so badly, because Aladdin is pretty much the sexiest cartoon I have ever seen. He looks like Joe Jonas, not even kidding. Aladdin was another movie I hadn’t seen since, you know, I was the actual age that these flicks are aimed at, but it was recently on DC and I remembered why it was definitely one of my favourites. 

This song is definitely my favourite in the whole movie (yes, even over A Whole New World) – it’s got the perfect mix of action and catchy lyrics. 

The Jonas Brothers:
It wouldn’t be a Disney fangirl post if I didn’t show my love for them now, would it? You pretty much know all about my crazy obsession with these three gorgeous boys – a love that has gone on for two and a half years now and shows no signs of stopping. Here’s a clip of a song from their new show JONAS L.A:

So darn sexy. So darn catchy. Oh, and random Stella shots = Joella teenie squeals. I love them ❤

Other Disney Stars:
‘Cos you know, I’m obsessed with them too. Here’s Send It On:

They’re all so perfect. 

I love a good cheesy flick, especially when it involves random fan and famous star falling in love (it’s going to happen, ok?!) , so when the DCOM Starstruck starring the ever so delicious Sterling Knight premiered, it was love at first sight. Yes, it has a predictable storyline, but it’s so feel good and the music is beyond awesome.

Sterling doesn’t actually sing ‘his’ songs, I believe, but who cares, he looks super hot pretending too. 

Is that enough fangirling for one day? I can never fangirl enough, especially over Disney, but I understand that there is a line, and not all of you share my passion, so I probably should leave it here for today. Who knows, maybe next week’s Fangirl Friday will be…shirtless Disney guys (or, you know, guys in general). I can never get enough of those 😛  

frangipani princess xoxo

7 thoughts on “Fangirl Friday – Disney Edition

  1. Ahhh Jonas L.A. is AH-MAZING!And I would literally do nothing as a child but sit around & watch Pooh Bear & Disney movies. No, I wasn't lazy. My mom worked 2nd shift, and this is when we didn't have a babysitter. My mom would get up every now & then to check on me and I would wake her up if something was wrong. But she would sleep during the day & I'd sit in the room and watch movies. (Disney & Pooh.) I had like, 100 or so VCR tapes. I'll tell you what, I was a pro at using the VCR at age 2. :)So now I have a shitload of (possibly every) Disney film in my closet. Lol.OHHH GOD I ❤ Sterling & I love the beginning of "Things Will Never Be the Same" because I love the "yeah, yeah, yeah." ♥Sorry for the long comment!xx,~Abby~

  2. Oh & I think he might not sing it either…lol but IT DOES sound a lot like his actual talking voice, so maybe he does. ?Yet again, it also sounded like Zac Efron sang most of his songs in High School Musical,…but we all know who was REALLY singing them. ;)xx,~Abby~

  3. I'm pretty sure Drew Seeley did both Zefron and Sterling's singing.Ohmygosh, Shenae thought Aladdin was a girl up until like this week. How can she think that when he's so manly and handsome and fucking sexy.Xoxo.. Toongen..

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