Of Course I’m A Daddy’s Girl

Tuesday afternoon is ‘sport afternoon’ at my school, which just equals a massive bludge. I do Table Tennis, but as I have no hand eye co-ordination, it turns into a massive “let’s sit down and gossip sesh”. I must have been extra bored today and started talking heaps and really fast, which, as anyone who has known me over the last few years would know is the norm. However, to the kids I was sitting with from my new school, they’d only ever seen the super shy new girl, and this hyperactive gossip-a-holic was entirely unexpected. Until that moment, I hadn’t realised just how much I had changed in the last six months. 
As I was telling my new friends today, last year (and the years before that) I was a massive drama queen and, especially at school, a daddy’s girl. If something went wrong or a teacher didn’t like me, I’d just tell them who my father was, and that he wouldn’t enjoy how they were treating me (oh gosh, I sound like Draco). I’d be crazy in class and never get in trouble. I was so loud you could hear me across the playground, and I wasn’t afraid to break out in song and dance in the middle of the quad. This year, well, you’re lucky if I open my mouth at lunch time. I’m pretty much a prize example of a shy, nerdy girl. I swear people from my last school wouldn’t recognise me in my new setting.
Saturday is going to be a very interesting day. I’m having my farewell party, and I have invited my bifflez from my old town, and friends from my new school. They both know different versions of me, and although they share interests, how they interact will certainly be interesting. 
I want everyone to mix and be friends, but as anyone who has seen my facebook photos or been to a party with me would know, toong, quack and I generally sing Harry Potter songs, dance like Doctor Who, and squeal and freak out over silly pop-culture references. As far as I can tell, parties around here contain none of the above. I’m not going to stop acting like I normally do around my friends, but I also don’t want everyone else to think of us as total freaks. It’s the first party I’ve hosted since moving here, and I just want everything to  go perfectly. I wish I could just be my actual self all the time. I wish my crazy obsessions were seen as more acceptable, and that I wasn’t considered such a loser for liking the things I do. Sometimes being a not-so-typical teen girl really sucks.
Wish me luck 😛 

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “Of Course I’m A Daddy’s Girl

  1. Dude! What have you done??Now everyone's going to be expecting me to be this far-out, nerdy, political, sub zero awesome, random chick who is obsessed with Doctor Who, Britcoms, cartoons and the like. What if I can't preform?? I don't work well under pressure!! :S

  2. Naw, I feel so loved haha. I'm sure we'll mix in some kind of fashion…it'll be like quirrelmort releasing they weren't so different.And I never thought you were that shy, just a bit scared of us new town people haha You can speedtalk so well too!

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