Book Reviews Part One

I love reading, so when the lovely people over at Hachette Australia offered to send me their new Young Adult books to review I jumped at the chance. I have been a Very Bad Blogger though and have just had the books in piles beside my bed until now. During the holidays I set aside time to read through the numerous books, all of which belonged to varying genres and well known authors. Here’s the first part of my reviews:
Scarred by Julia Hoban
RRP: $17.99
Published: May 2010
Published By: Piatkus
Self-harm is a very real problem amongst the youth of today, but it is one that is largely ignored and stigmatized by the general population. Scarred tackles the difficult topic, and follows the story of seventeen year old Willow who feels she has no other way to escape the pain she feels after driving the car which killed her parents. Then she meets Guy, who will stop at nothing to pull her out of her current state, and show her she has so much more to live for. Willow’s voice pulls you into the story, and you finish the last page with a much greater understanding and empathy for those who suffer through the trials of cutting.
Young, Loaded and Fabulous: Kiss and Break Up by Kate Kingsley
RRP: $16.99
Published: June 01 2010
Published By: Headline
The third book in the Young, Loaded and Fabulous series, Kiss and Break Up follows the story of a group of friends at a high-end English boarding school. While the genre is nothing new, the story is a mindless chick-lit read for those nights where you just need to escape school work and thinking. The storyline and characters were extremely easy to pick up on, despite not having read the first two in the series. It wasn’t the most amazing book I have ever read, it was amazingly predictable in parts and some bits just made me want to bash my head against a wall, but it was a fun read.
Theodore Boone Young Lawyer by John Grisham
RRP: $24.99
Published: May 2010
Published By: Hodder & Stoughton
Straying from his normal niche in the adult market, John Grisham shares his wonderful writing style with a younger generation in this novel. Theodore Boone is thirteen and wants nothing more than to be a lawyer like his parents. While his classmates spend their afternoons playing sport and hanging out, he chills at the courthouse and in his parents’ law office. The biggest case in his town’s history is hitting the courts, and suddenly Theodore finds himself holding evidence that could change the outcome of the entire case, if only he knew how to deal with it. This novel is quite light and entertaining, but the story within its pages is extremely well written and enjoyable.

I’ll have the next part, another three reviews, up later this week or early next (hopefully).  

frangipani princess xoxo

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