A Very Potter Sequel – My First Impressions (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

Note: If you are yet to watch A Very Potter Sequel (what have you been doing? Get to www.youtube.com/starkidpotter  NOW and spend the next 3.5hours in total awesomeness) the following will contain spoilers. I’m not going to reveal like, main plot points, but I will mention things that happen. If you don’t want to know, don’t read until you’ve viewed.

Edit: I’m halfway through act 1 on my second viewing and I am enjoying it so much more, but still, read below πŸ™‚

After much (MUCH!) anticipation, A Very Potter Sequel (avps) was finally released to the public on Friday. I was heading to toong’s house for the weekend, so I raced home from school and downloaded it all. The wait was killing me, and finally we settled in to watch what we hoped would be just as, if not more, epic than A Very Potter Musical. 
I hate to be a downer, but it was….disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing and epic and totally awesome and I plan on watching it again and again and again (yes, all 3.5 hours of it) but it just wasn’t as good as I was expecting. I think my standards may have been too high, but compared to avpm it just wasn’t as funny or quotable and the songs were…a let down. That said, I’ve listened to ‘Days Of Summer’ seventy times since downloading it upon my return home this afternoon, but avpm was filled with so many amazing songs, and avps just…was lacking. In my opinion, they overcompensated for the lack of (and lack of quality) songs with over the top dance numbers, which just seemed try hard.

Other Not So Good Bits:
– They only made one (ONE!) hufflepuff joke, and they didn’t mention FIND! at all, which was quite disappointing. 
– I lovelovelove Joe Walker, and he did an amazing job as Voldy in avpm, but as Umbridge he was almost…annoying. I know it was probably just the character, I mean, UMBRIDGE! but if his sexy arms hadn’t been showing the whole time I would have really not liked him.
– There was no Quirrelmort
– Jaime-Lyn was barely in it
– They barely said Totally Awesome
– As far as plots went, for a three and a half hour play, there really wasn’t that much development
– They must have done a deal with Red Vines (american lolly, which, as far as I can tell, is kind of like a raspberry twist), because every second shot was Ron holding a packet up to the camera and saying ‘Red Vines’. Some of it was funny, but it got old fast.
– It was dirty, really dirty. Not that I have a problem with that, but they had to take avpm down originally because it was too dirty and had bits taken straight from the HP books. Now, what I’ve seen of uncut avpm is nowhere near as  bad as avps was. Every second line was a swear word or sexual innuendo, and f-bombs were dropped left, right and center. Whole chunks were lifted straight from the books as well, so I’m just worried they’ll have to take it down and make a cut version…
– They would take bits pretty much out of avpm, but they wouldn’t do it in a cool way. Just in a lame way. And the bits they used weren’t even memorable from avpm in the first place.

Negatives aside, it is freaking Team Starkid, so it was filled with many, many fantastic scenes. My personal favourites:
– Lucius Malfoy as a gay pirate
– The revelation of Draco’s real father
– Draco’s drawings
– Draco in general
– Snape’s sad scenes
– Lupin (I LOVE Brian Holden)
– Hermione can’t draw
– Butt Trumpet
– Harry Freaking Potter
– Get Back To Hogwarts at the end
– The Scarf of Sexual Preference
– Dumbledear
– Cho the skank
– Coitus
– Jim as the Centaur

And that’s just the start. The more I think about it, the more I love it, but I think I just went in expecting so much, and it just didn’t reach the pedestal I had set for it (sigh, when does anything ever reach its pedestal?). I can’t wait for the soundtrack to be released (Harry Freaking Potter is going to be on repeat), but until then I have to you know, actually spend money to support this epic bunch and buy songs from the A Very Starkid Album (available on iTunes. GOGOGOGO!). While you’re at it, buy Darren Criss’s (Harry and the guy who wrote all the music) new EP ‘Human’ – it’s amazing. 
All in all, I think after a second viewing I will like it more. It was quite enjoyable, and very lol-worthy, and it really isn’t as bad as some people are making it out to be. If I had to give it a rating out of ten, I’d have to give it an eight….eight point five. Not over a nine point eight. There’s always room for improvement. Not everything can be perfect, like me. That’s why I’m holding out for a ten.  Cause I’m worth it. (oh gosh, I couldn’t help myself).
Team Starkid just keep getting more and more epic. I would kill to be able to meet them (and you know, marry half of them and become bifflez with the other half).

They’re pure genius. 

So is this, just btw. It’s avpm, but whatever, it’s rad. 

If you want to see lots of awesome avps quote pictures, I reblogged a whole heap over at my tumblr. I won’t post them here, just because they’re major spoilers. 

Have you seen avps yet? What did you think? What do you think of the news that if avps goes well they’ll make a third one?

frangipani princess xoxo

8 thoughts on “A Very Potter Sequel – My First Impressions (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

  1. I'm up to Act 2 part 2 second time round. I love it so much more this time. I think the few days of constantly talking about ti and quoting it has made me realise how epic it really is. I juts finished the 'Cho, I said i was joking' part. Love Brian so much!!! The songs are also better this time round, although the lack of later on is quite annoying.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  2. Wow, I had pretty much the same first response to AVPS. Except I really like Umbridge and and her texting and her 'derderder' laugh.I agree with you in that it was a bit… profane. And also that I miss Quirrelmort and Ginny, and the songs weren't really that great.I was disappointed, but I think it'll grow on me. Defs some very funny moments.I was wondering, which one did you like best, avpm or avps?Nat x

  3. I initially felt the same way, I was SO excited and it was just SO SO SO much to take in that at the end I could barely remember anything which usually isn't a good thing.BUT – I have now watched it four times, from beginning to end and I have to say: I LOVE it so much it's insane. By now, I like it just as much (if not more) as the original. True, it might not be as funny all the times as AVPM, but I personally find that Darren has outdone himself with the music. The songs are brilliant, more mature and more conceptually sound than the already amazing songs in AVPM. I can't stop listening to them! I agree with you about the Umbridge character – although Joe Walker is incredible, I liked him a lot more as (shirtless) Voldy. Give it a few more listenings – I am sure you will grow very fond of the music as well πŸ˜€ I really really hope there will be a Sequel-Sequel….and now excuse me, I have to go back to youtube. I'm up to Act 2 Part 6 – for the fifth time ;)oh and BTW: as far as I know, they were not sponsored by Red Vines. The company randomly sent them a huge box of Red Vines and it became some sort of running gag. They even contributed them at the actual performances!

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