So I haven’t done a playlist in a while, so I decided to well, do one tonight. I call it:
Songs I Am Currently Blasting (creative, no?):

– I Don’t Like Monday’s – The Boomtown Rats
– Piano Man – Billy Joel
– Dinosaur – Kisschasy
– Sparks Fly – Taylor Swift (so excited that this will be on her new album!)
– Who I Am – Nick Jonas and the Administration
–  Hold On – The Jonas Brothers
– You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift
– Underdog – The Jonas Brothers
– A Little Bit Longer – The Jonas Brothers
– For Good – Wicked Soundtrack
– Right Here – Miley Cyrus
– Don’t Forget – Demi Lovato
– I’ll Make A Man Out Of You – Darren Criss (cover) (if anyone wants to you know, buy me his EP I’ll love you forever)
– Entire AVPM Soundtrack – Team Starkid (two sleeps until AVPS :D)
– Sing For You – Honor Society
– Where Are You Now – Honor Society
– Superstar – Taylor Swift
– I’d Lie – Taylor Swift

What’s in your playlist at the moment?

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. I did have a proper post all planned for today, but then I woke up sick and have literally spent five minutes on the computer all day. More substantial post tomorrow 🙂

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