This Is Only One Of The Coolest Things Ever

So this is pretty much my favourite discovery of the holidays. Late last week I received a lovely email from a reader and in it she said that she had discovered my blog via Disney Adventures magazine. I was slightly confused, as I was not aware that people at Disney Adventures magazine even knew my blog existed, so I emailed back double checking just what she meant and she sent back this:

I cropped it down because she sent the double page spread which involved the movie Harriet The Spy, and as Jennifer Stone annoys me, I didn’t want her face clogging up my blog. 
As you can see, they list little old Frangipani Princess as number three in their Top Blogs We Love, in amongst such big names as The Style Rookie, Just Jared Junior and Fail Blog. To say I’m chuffed is a major understatement. 
If my thirteen year old self could look into the future and see this, she’d pretty much die. When I started this blog three years ago, my biggest dream was to somehow get someone who even shared a house with someone who worked in a magazine to read my blog, and now here I am, having conversations with the freaking editor of Dolly over my reviews of the magazine on my favourite blog ever.   To know that people actually read, care and most importantly enjoy what I write here makes me insane amounts of happy. I was having a crap night, but as soon as that email came through I got the biggest smile on my face and it’s showing no sign of leaving. While those who read Disney Adventures may not exactly be my target audience (who am I kidding, they’re more suited to what I write about then people my own age who actually read this), the fact that the people who write Disney Adventures have actually taken time from their busy days to read my little corner of cyberspace and give it space in their magazine just makes my life. Magazines are my passion, and I’m luck enough to have been given some pretty awesome opportunities (and to have met some really lovely people along the way who have assisted with these opportunities, and give the best advice. You all know who you are; I’m forever grateful) and for someone whose first few months of posting had excessive usage of the word ‘lol’, well, it’s more than a dream come true.
To you, my amazing readers, I am beyond thankful. As I have said before, if I had no readers, epic things like this wouldn’t happen. So thankyou. Merci. Thankyou. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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