Fangirl Friday

Yesterday was a Bad Day, and when I have Bad Days I like to fangirl out to make myself feel better. Actually, who am I kidding? I like to fangirl out everyday. At the moment, the following things are helping me fuel my obsession fueled life:

– You’re The Voice:
I have recently discovered an intense love for the show Merlin the stars of the show Merlin. More specifically, Bradley James and Collin Morgan and their epic bromance. Last week I discovered what is quite possibly one of the greatest videos of all time:

It’s perfect for laughing and swooning, although the song gets stuck in your head. In a major way. I’m also just generally fangirling over Colin/Bradley and Merlin/Arthur.

– Fanfiction:
Not a new one, I know, but at toong’s party we were obsessing over our favourite fanfics and discovered by sheer coincidence, we both adored a drarry one but couldn’t remember it’s exact name. As she is an awesome best friend, I arrived home on Wednesday to an @reply with the link to what is quite possibly my favourite drarry fic of all time. It’s long without being a novel, slashy without being ‘zomggg gay sexxxx!’, sticks to the epilogue but then makes changes, and is pretty much the most adorable thing ever. You should read it right now.

– Drarry:
Dear tumblr, please stop fueling my love for this couple. It’s far past the point of normalcy now, and people give me the weirdest looks. That said, I love being an epic drarry fangirl, and when pics like this fill my dash, I get super happy that I’m not alone in my realisation and love. 

Team StarKid:
I love these guys insane amounts, and I’m devastated that they’re all at Infinitus and I’m here. Sigh. AVPS premieres in a week (and I’m going to be at Toong’s house for it!!) and last night I may or may not have downloaded a certain uncut version of AVPM (shhh :P). They’re just so…epic. I follow a few starkid tumblrs, and the pics they post allow me to fangirl out without leaving my dash. 

One Tree Hill:
My friend Mal lent me Season Five on Tuesday, and it’s love. I’ll be honest and happily admit I have so far cried in every episode I’ve watched (I’m up to episode six), with the most intense sobbing coming just half an hour into the season premiere. It’s such an amazing show. And Jamie is so cute! I wish I had a little kid that adorable in my life.

I’d love to add more Disney to this list, but let’s be honest, at this moment the Disney world is positively dull. If nothing is happening, it’s pretty hard to fangirl. 

What’s currently causing your fangirl/guy heart to flutter?

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. there aren’t any pic credits ‘cos they were all just on my computer. If it’s yours or you have a problem, just email me

6 thoughts on “Fangirl Friday

  1. oh golly gosh I know he is. yumyum. Uhh a girl I followed on tumblr had it, and you had to email her and she'd send you instructions on how to get it :)I'm yet to watch it, but from what I've heard there's just a few dirty lines and some lines taken directly from the books/movies.fp xx

  2. Bones is my current fan girl obsession. Oh and Grey's Anatomy.I agree, for the fan girl disney is dull at the moment.Fangirls have the most fun!xxSelina

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