This Is My Future

As you may have noticed, I get kind of obsessed with a lot of celeb guys. So too does my best friend and we always say that we’re going to marry them. The thing is, we want each others ‘husbands’ and well, have a lot of them. A few years ago we decided we were going to live in a giant pink disney castle (you wish you were us), and finally the other day we decided this castle would be home to our polygamous sect, where we would marry, and share, as many of these celebrity guys as we wanted. So far, this is who’s on our (combined) list:

Nick Jonas

Tom Felton

Draco Malfoy (pssh, fictional character? never)

Bradley James

Freddie Stroma

Darren Criss

Mitch Hewer

 Joe Jonas

Kevin Jonas (we’ll keep Danielle in the dungeon)

Greg Garbowsky

David Henrie

Alex Noyes

You really wish you were invited now, don’t you? 

frangipani princess xoxo

10 thoughts on “This Is My Future

  1. i have never heard of Mitch Hewer but daym! he's mighty fine 😉 lol and i dont know who Greg Garbowsky is either but he's pretty fugly, whoever put him on the list should reconsider lolxo

  2. In my castle~Nick Jonas~Sterling Knight~This guy I like at my school. (he's a senior. lol.)~Johnny Depp~Robert Pattinson~Danielle Radcliffe~Rafael Nadal(pro tennis player)♥♥♥xx,~Abby~

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