Why I Love Work Experience

Before I go to Work Experience, it’s guaranteed at least one person will ask me if I get to meet celebrities. I just laugh and say no, it’s about gaining writing experience and seeing what goes on behind the scenes, but the truth is, to me, just meeting the people behind the mags is equivalent to meeting celebs. 
Take today for instance. There was a massive line to get a security pass, and as I was waiting I noticed someone ahead who looked vaguely familiar. When I got to the front, and to the sign on sheet, I saw that it had, in fact, been  Gemma CrispThat made me pretty excited, but she had already gone ahead and got in a lift, so I didn’t think much more of it. Then, after lunch, I was getting in the lift when someone rushed in just before the doors shut. It was Gemma again. I totally started freaking out because I think she’s awesome, and couldn’t even get a ‘hello’ out. As soon as I got out of the lift I tweeted something along the lines of “omg I just shared a lift with @theshowpony. Probably shouldn’t be this excited.” When I checked twitter at the end of the day she had replied “OMG was that you who got off at level seven? WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY HIIIIIIIIIII?!!??” Which made me feel cool, because she had replied, but like a loser at the same time because well, I’d been to scared to say hi. 
This is why I love work experience so much. Some people find it to be a bore and complain, but I adore every minute of it. Who cares if I have to do photocopying?! It’s photocopying for the editor of Dolly, which just makes it so awesome. Every time one of the lovely workers says hi to me I feel so cool because they write one of my favourite magazines. Every time they ask me to do a job, I jump at it, because it’s a job for someone who is responsible for putting Dolly together. I always worry that I’m doing the things they ask me wrong or badly, because they’re just so amazing I don’t want them thinking badly of me.
Yeah, you could probably call me a glossy nerd. A masthead stalker. Someone weirdly obsessed with mag-journos. 
I just want to be one of them so badly. To be a magazine journalist would be all my dreams come true and more, and I can only hope that one day I can be given that opportunity. And if there’s ever a teenage girl creepily obsessed with me and my career, I’ll be sure to give her the time of day, and let her know that once upon a time, I was just like her.

frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “Why I Love Work Experience

  1. OMG me too! On my first day of work experience at Girlfriend I ran into Sarah Cornish within the first 5 minutes of being in the lobby and she asked me if the lifts were broken. *sigh*.

  2. you are so not a loser Georgie… after I tweeted that, I remembered what I was like at 16 and if I'd been in a lift with a magazine editor, there's no way i would have had the guts to say hi either… but back then we didn't have Twitter so the mag editor would never have realized it was me quaking in my shoes in the elevator! enjoy France xxx

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