Second Place Scorn

My name is Frangipani Princess and I’m a sore loser. Actually, scrap that, I’m awesome at coming last, I’m a sore second place-getter. To me, there is nothing worse than coming second, than hearing your name read out as the dreaded ‘runner-up’. You see, when you come last, there’s almost a sense of pride, you were the absolute worst at something, which, when you think about it, is pretty hard to be. A lot of the time when you come last, you’re having fun while doing it; not taking it seriously.
Second place, however, is an entirely different ballgame. In second place, you’re so close to winning you can taste it, and yet, first place is cruelly snatched from your hands. Even though you were the second best in the entire competition, if you’d just worked that little bit harder, given that little bit more effort, the title would have been yours.
Yesterday I was in the state final of the Rostrum Voice Of The Youth Competition. My speech, if I may say so myself, was awesome. It was on celebrity worship syndrome and lack of privacy in celebs lives, and I killed it. Everyone laughed in the places I wanted them to laugh, gasped in the places I wanted them to gasp, and cheer in the places I wanted them to cheer. My impromptu, which I screwed up so epically at my last comp, was perfect. Faultless. It went for the exact amount of time it was meant to, and had a perfect mix of humour and seriousness. People told me it was the best impromptu speech they had ever heard. The president of Rostrum NSW told me she hadn’t seen a speaker as good as me in an extremely long time, and that I was miles ahead of everyone else. I was a sure thing. Until I heard my name called out as the runner-up. I actually stood there in disbelief, before begrudgingly getting my certificate (and $100), shaking the hand of the winner, and then leaving as fast as I could. How could something so right, go so wrong? My mum told me to be a grateful loser, and that I should be happy with what I had got. My aunty offered to help me kill the adjudicators. My dad told me to be thankful for the prize money. 
I should be happy, I mean, I’m the second best in the entire state, and yet, I feel robbed. I know that whole paragraph sounds really big-headed and bragging, but it’s what everyone (and I mean everyone, well, except the adjudicators) said and thought. It’s just so frustrating. I did my very best, the very best, and yet I didn’t get acknowledged in the way I wanted to.
I guess it’s just life, really.
Sometimes you’ll try your absolute hardest, give it your all, and still be left with tears on your cheeks and a certificate that says runner-up. 
Honestly, I’d rather come last than a close second. No competition between the two at all. 
What about you? Do you hate coming second? (cue everyone telling me to stop being a drama queen and start being grateful)

frangipani princess xoxo

6 thoughts on “Second Place Scorn

  1. you actually should be really proud you placed at all 😛 i would feel pretty robbed though. Would you mind uploading a copy of your speech? This anon loves reading your stuff 😉

  2. Remember TOM last year? Stupid school beat us and Coomie. Same school beat us in Mock Trial by only a few points. Coming second does feel bad. The only time I've felt good coming second is state TOM against HVG.

  3. You'll get used to feeling robbed once you go in as many eisteddfods as I. You got an awesome prize anyway and I try to focus more on how I FELT about my performance, not what someone else thought of it.Well done, btw, I personally think coming second in that competition is like totally awesome.

  4. Congrats. Well done.Coming in second can be painful – especially when you get absolutely nothing for your effort. (not many points for second place in a job search and there are only scant benefits to being that special someone's second favorite man/woman/boy/girl.)That said, I don't like last place either. Maybe good for a laugh, but it's a little bit of a pathetic laugh. For me, there are other – more entertaining – ways to spend my time than doing something worse than anybody else around me. (I know, I know; cue question: why do I blog then?)

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