Have I Mentioned How Much I Hate Politics?

So we have a female prime-minister. 
I’m not going to share what I think about this because:
1) I value Quack’s friendship too much
2) I honestly don’t care enough
I will tell you this though:
I truly believe that as a nation at the moment we are viewing this scene through rose-coloured glasses. Yes, we finally have a female prime-minister, but we’re kind of ignoring her less-than-epic rise to power. Once the novelty of a female leader wears off, and the reality of having Julia Gillard as a leader sinks in, I think many people will be changing their celebratory tunes from today. Just a vague bit of my opinion.
Boy oh boy, it’s going to be a fun five months 😐

frangipani princess xoxo

6 thoughts on “Have I Mentioned How Much I Hate Politics?

  1. You know the way Julia came to power is the same way Tony Abbott and John Howard became leaders of the Liberals, right? It's just the way politics works. Yes, it's very sad for Kevin Rudd but that's our constitution. We're not America.

  2. Yeahh I agree with anon. Plus, she didn't do anything unepic herself. She didn't want to be disloyal, she'd always been loyal before. However once it was out there she had to do something. She'll be a lot better for the ALP than Krudd was toward the end.

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