Oh No They Didn’t

While procrastinating my maths homework, as one often does at 11.42 on a Tuesday night, I stumbled upon the cover for the July issue of Girlfriend on facebook. Now, I know they always say not to judge a book by it’s cover, but at this point, I’m thinking my gwas run-down won’t be all that positive. Just look at it:

Firstly, it’s twishite. Again. I don’t care if Eclipse is coming out; New Moon was only a few months ago! We do not need near carbon copies of covers from numerous issues gone by (the photo of “I hate fame wah wah wah” Kstew is from a Vanity Fair shoot last year. All the New Moon covers were taken from that same shoot. Originality is definitely key in mag-land), and we definitely do not need any more hideous pictures of rpatz. I’m so amazingly sick of the teen market’s infatuation with these stupid vampires; it’s not even funny. I bet when DH comes out it’ll barely get a film review. The double standards between the series’ sicken me. We have a New Moon special edition of the mag. We have a Twi-inspired issue of DOLLY. We also have a Vampire-Themed supplement of Dolly. Why on Earth would GF think it was a good (or original/creative/unique) move to then give us a bonus Eclipse mag? It’s not like it will reveal anything new or groundbreaking. Honestly, apart from the most intense fans, there are only so many Rpatz and Taylor posters a girl can have on her walls (ah, hypocrisy. This is coming from she who once had near two-hundred JB/Disney posters on her wall. I wonder where those got to in the move…). 
While Twilight fans may be crazy, the series has just as many, if not more, haters, so why can’t we let them enjoy the mag without feeling physically ill for once?
It’s had it’s run, the constant devotion of magazines to it is just getting boring and old. Time to move on teen-land. Time to move on.
Also, the other coverlines don’t make the issue sound too appealing. How To Get A Job? Really?
I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get the mag for myself and read before giving it a final verdict. 
Oh, and words can not even begin to explain how much I wanted to kill someone when I saw this:

This is stooping lower than the yet another twishite edition repeat mentioned above. An entire ‘special issue’ devoted to the pre-pubescent passing fad himself. The nausea that threatened to come with the first cover has now hit with full force upon seeing this. And to think it will probably sell like hotcakes *shakes head*. To think that I’ll probably buy it, just to burn all nineteen ‘hot as hell’ posters of boy-who-shall-not-be-named. 
We do not need a collectors issue to remind us of someone who will probably have been replaced by an identically cliched popstar within the year. He’s no-one special; he has no amazing talent and he’s obnoxiously rude. His fans are crazy, and the only way to get rid of his frustratingly catchy (yet lyrically devoid) songs is to stop pandering to their every obsessive whim.

Girlfriend, you’ve severely disappointed me.

frangipani princess xoxo

14 thoughts on “Oh No They Didn’t

  1. I've read twilight and I liked it, but I don't really follow the "gossip" or obsess over it. I never buy any magazines that they're in either.although i love rob pattinson. and i'm nearly done with the first harry potter book. :)xx,~Abby~

  2. Although your passion is excellent and your opinion one shared by many, I think you should think more from the magazine's point of view (I know you probably could do that better than me though due to your work experience and what not). Of course they are going to take advantage of these fads even- especially when they are passing ones. Hit em while they're hot otherwise what's the point? It's going to sell the most mags and that's the overall aim. Why would they put something on the cover that is not "Hot Right Now"? It probably would have been stupid of them to pass up the opportunity to use a Twilight star on the cover during the month of it's release. Same with Justin Bieber, may as well do a mini mag while his 15 minutes of fame is still very much ticking (19 posters does seem quite excessive though! But if it was the real JB then i would definitely buy it 😛 ). There are always going to be double standards between Twilight and Harry Potter because they can't be compared. It wouldn't be right if they could. They have different fans so it could never be a cover for cover situation. I do think though that as the movie release for HP comes closer there will be more about it in mags. The copy cover for K-Stew is poor though.Anyway I guess we all want what we're currently obsessing over to be on magazine covers- for Twilighters it would be like a super long Christmas, but that's not going to happen so we just have to skip past the pages that induce "physical illness" to the ones we adore. In your case though in a few years I'm sure you'll be in a position to make the decision about what to go on a magazine cover. Good luck with that 🙂

  3. Wow, didn't you recently do work experience at girlfriend? I hope they don't read this, this is so nasty considering you haven't even read the magazine.P.S I love Twilight and Justin Bieber and i can't wait to buy it!

  4. TheOriginalJB: I totally get what you're saying, in fact, i almost wrote it in my post, but it was midnight and I couldn't be bothered. I understand they just have to take advantage of what's popular, but I'm just really sick of seeing twilight everywhere, and i needed to rant.Anonymous: I was at GF about three weeks ago, and I believe they'd find this post to be constructive criticism, not 'nasty'. i can't always heap praise on these magazines, sometimes they don't deserve it.and who knows, maybe my opinion, and final review, will change after reading.fp xx

  5. I like your blog, but just because you don't like something, doesn't mean a magazine shouldn't feature it – HEAAAPS of people love Twilight and JB (including me!!) don't be so smallminded.

  6. i think that Twilight and Justin Beiber wouldn't enjoy the reputation and popularity that they do if it wasn't for the way magazines, the media and just pop culture in general talk them up and shove them down the public's throats. It's sort of like a cycle. people liked these things, so the media started full on blasting them, and there is more merchandise etc for people to go out and buy, making it seem like these fads are more popular, so the media keeps blasting them.bella xxx

  7. i seriously dont get it, last issue they were like omg you have to get over the OTT obbessions ie. TWISHITE and now they are feeding the fire by giving the "fans" more glory-gone-bad posters . honestly how hypocritical is that? well said at the end there. GF has let me down too.

  8. Dear Miss Georgie,Just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog, and also that I agree with pretty much everything you've said. I am so INCREDIBLY sick of Twilight. I've actually stopped reading Dolly and GF for that reason – even in the non-twilight issues, I swear that almost every. single. article. had some reference to Edward/Rpattz. Annoying or what? Plus it irritates me that HP only ever gets a passing mention in the odd issue when it has just as many fans as Twilight. Ok, sorry. Rant over.Anyway, thanks again!Nat x

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