Currently I Am

Watching: The OC Season 1
Reading: The Virgin Suicides, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Love in the Time of Dragons, Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer
Listening To: AVPM soundtrack, Hey You – Aaron Carter, Jessie’s Girl – Glee Cast, Rose’s Turn – Glee Cast, I’ll Make A Man Out Of You – Darren Criss cover, The Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Thank You – Simple Plan
Bored Of: Double Periods at School (maths, I’m looking at you)
Annoyed At: The Tumblrs of Annoyingly Immature Girls
Frustrated With: Girls Who Have No Self Respect
Happy About: My Report – Lowest Ranks Were 6/18 in French (whoops) and 17/62 in Maths
Sad Because: I Don’t Live In America. If Only I Could Have Gone To The Opening of the WWOHP With The Cast Last Week, Or To Infinitus With The AVPM Cast Next Month
Finding Guilty Pleasure In: Staying Up Late Watching The OC, Reading FanFics
Crushing On: Nick Jonas, Tom Felton, Sterling Knight, David Henrie
Counting Down Until: Work Experience at Dolly – Seven Days, Toong’s Party – Twenty Two Days, France – Fifty Three Days

Now it’s your turn!

frangipani princess xoxo

7 thoughts on “Currently I Am

  1. Wow do you actually get ranked at your school? As in you know exactly what position you are in compared to everyone else in all of your classes? Is that normal for schools where you live haha? I'm from Perth and that amazes me!

  2. Watching: Make it or Break it, Flash Forward and Dr WhoReading: Extras (4th in Uglies Series)Listening To: My whole playlist- random is funBored of: Slow InternetAnnoyed At: People who think they are better than everyone elseFrustrated With: People (especially young people) who smokeHappy About: The fact that it's holidays and I now have the time to watch and delete things off the Foxtel PlannerSad Because: I am yet to go to DisneylandFinding Guilty Pleasure In: Quality Street Chocolates…YumCrushing On: Nick JonasCounting Down Until: Toy Story 3 and Eclipse Premieres and my Birthday :)That was fun πŸ™‚

  3. that girl – well, that's pretty true πŸ˜› two and a half years and counting :Ptoong – don't worry, i only worked it out for this post:H – my old school didn't, so it's new for me too, but yeah, we get ranked out of our class and/or year for every subject pdh/pe. i think a lot of schools do it, but not all of themL – it is fun, isn't it :)fp xx

  4. Watching: Jonas, One Life to Live, The Young and the restless, Secret Life of the American Teenager & Sonny With A ChanceReading: Little Women & Harry Potter and the Sorcerers StoneListening to: anything on my playlist ( of: nothing.Frustrated With: my cousin acting like a bitchHappy About: going to clifty falls (a state park) on wednesdaySad because: not really sad, but I can't see him. :(Finding Guilty Pleasure in: getting up early, watching tv whenever i want, eating strawberry newtons all day. :))))Crushing on : Nick Jonas, guy at my school, Sterling Knight,Counting Down Until: my cousin's 16th b-day party:19 days, Jonas Brothers/demi concert: 50 days, Camp Rock 2: 74 days.xx,~Abby~

  5. Watching: Dr Who, Minute to Win It, Harry Potter moviesReading: Jane Eyre, The Wind in the Willows, Ghostop, Harry Potter series ;LListening To: Any song that turns on next in my playlistBored Of: My science teacher's monotone voiceAnnoyed At: Girls that call themselves friends, but are actually two faced, backstabbing traitorsFrustrated With: My maths teacher talking to us like kindergatenHappy About: My languages report~Sad Because: I was called an emosih fob… :(Finding Guilty Pleasure In: Reading Harry Potter fanfics until 2am, reading Peter Rabbit stories, spending studying hours on facebook, eating chocolate chip cookies WAY past curfew~ :DCrushing On: Tom Felton, some Korean singers, a guy from my brother school Counting Down Until: Spring- 59 days, church high school concert- 13 days, tomorrow- 1 day

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