Reasons Why I Love My Macbook Pro

1. I can be on the internet and watch tv at the same time
2. I can be on the internet and not have my mum yelling at me because she needs the computer for work
3. I can stay on the internet as late as I like and not have anyone know/care
4. I can watch movies whenever I want and not have people complaining because they want to watch tv/use the computer
5. I can stay up all night watching the OC
6. I can read fanfics whenever I want and not have to worry about someone seeing and thinking I’m totally weird
7. I can set my desktop background as whatever I want without complaints
8. I feel cool because I’m on a mac
9. I can use skype without my parents rudely interrupting
10. I can take crazily cliched photos on photobooth
11. I can check twitter/facebook/tumblr/blogger on an actual computer before getting out of bed of a morning
12. I can watch movies/tv shows in the car without having to get them on a usb first (damn school laptops and their lack of cd/dvd drives)
13. Just everything about it. It’s the greatest thing ever. 

frangipani princess xoxo

8 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Love My Macbook Pro

  1. you've obviously never had the pleasure of seeing one of the craptops. they don't have a disk drive. full stop. nowhere to put a cd or dvd. to say it's frustrating is a minor understatement, but i have my macbook now <3hahahhafp xx

  2. I'm not cool enough to have a macbook, but I do have a notebook and it's pink!I got mine a year a go and I thought it'd be so cool to have a teeny tiny laptop; turns out I'm jealous because my sister got a bigger one and because mine doesn't have a cd drive and it has bad graphics I can't play the sims 3. :(We have macs at school, but everyone went on photobooth when we were meant to be doing work so they disabled it. :(x

  3. ^Lol sims 3, I love that game. (Except I installed World Adventures and it spazzed out grr)I wish I had a real laptop (not our annoying kevintops). I apparently (just assuming) I get a macbook before I leave for uni, cause that's what happened for my siblings.

  4. i hate my laptop. so much. i'll hopefully get a macbook at the end of the year as you've made me want one so much! oh and this is sort of a techy question but when you connect it to a wireless thingo, does it have to be a special mac one or can it be the same one you used for a windows computer? x

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