How I Deal With Nerves

I feel very sorry for my lovely friend (and fourth speaker on my debating team), Kate. You see, I tend to get hyperactively nervous just before a debate, and when I get nervous, well, I sing. During the debate last week I sang Bad Romance like it was going out of fashion, right into poor Kate’s ear. I just don’t deal with nerves well. Which is why I’m dreading Friday.
Tomorrow night I’m heading to Sydney for the State Semi-Finals of the SMH Plain English Public Speaking Competition, where I’m one of twenty-six senior (years ten/eleven/twelve) finalists from both public and private schools around NSW. To say the competition will be tough is just a bit of an understatement. 
I’ve made it to a state level in Debating and TOMs in previous years, so I know what to expect, but the difference this time is I’m all by myself. No team for moral support. No team to be disappointed with. No team to celebrate with. Just me. And that’s a scary thought. I mean, I know I’m good at public speaking, it’s about all I’m good at and I wouldn’t have made it this far if I wasn’t, but the thought of versing year twelve students from private schools who have been professionally coached scares me to death.  
I’m just going to go to have fun (ha, like that will happen). I know my chances of making it to the next round are extremely slim (six make it through), but I’m just going to try my hardest, and at the very least it will look awesome on my resume. 
I do have another debate tomorrow as well. I wonder if Kate will take requests?

frangipani princess xoxo

7 thoughts on “How I Deal With Nerves

  1. Well the debate will go fine 🙂 And the public speaking will go fine as well because you have something those apparently coached yr 12 private kids- a different world perspective and a natural speech quality (not coached to death where you can tell which words they've been told to emphasize). Just try not to talk too fast if you're nervous. It'll all end up being fine!

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