Happy Un-Birthday Queen

Hey guys 🙂
I kinda went MIA there for a few days and I do apologise. I was in Melbourne with the bff eternally having a pretty amazing time and totally forgot to tell you I was going. Fear not, however, I am home now and will be back to my regular posting straight away.
For now, here are two HP pics that had me rofling this afternoon:



Apologies for the language in the first one, and for the fact that if you’re not a hardcore hp fan/fanfic reader, you might find it really odd. Also, Quidditch > Soccer/Football.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great long weekend, and are as excited to be down to the last three weeks of school as I am 🙂

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Two months today until I leave for exchange!

5 thoughts on “Happy Un-Birthday Queen

  1. well noone said Quidditch could ever be beaten as the best sport ever (even though the rules are a little random). man I would be a crazed Quidditch supporter. Germany's annihilation of Australia was both funny and painful in the soccer though lol.

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